Zendaya, Aukwafina and more are invited to join the academy

Welcome to Popcross’s daily break! Here’s a breakthrough of today’s most popular pop culture and lifestyle stories heard all over the country, PopCrush Night. Stephen A. Smith wonders why NBA players can’t manage Disney bubbles, what Glee actually did to fill their auditorium and more!

Zendaya, Aukwafina and more are invited to join the academy

Zendaya, Aukwafina and many more celebrities were invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Of the 819 people invited, 45% were women, 36% were people of color, and 49% were from outside the United States (via Just Jared).

One-third of parents cannot send their children back to school

In mid-June, researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed 1,200 parents from Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. They found that one-third of parents were not sure if they would send their children to class next year. The virus makes parents feel uncertain, but they also realize that returning to class will benefit students more than virtual learning. (Via Study Search)

Walmart will host drive-in movies in their parking lot

Walmart is partnering with Tribeca Enterprises to launch a drive-in move series in 160 Walmart parking lots. The event will begin in August and run through October. (Via ScreenCrush)

Dr. Fawcett called on Americans to stop going to bars

Dr. Anthony Fawcett is urging Americans to stop going to bars because it is the most dangerous way to spread the virus. He said telling all Americans to avoid social interaction is not unrealistic but encourages them to gather safely. The doctor added that he would not be surprised if the United States did not reverse the current trend, and that the United States would return to one million new cases every day. (Via people)

Will NBA players break the Disney bubble for sex?

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith worries that players will become sexually frustrated and that their Disney bubble will be severed. He thinks that whether it’s three months or three weeks, players won’t be able to avoid any lengths.

Granger Smith hopes to save the kids from drowning

Granger Smith lost her three-year-old son in an accidental drowning and now she wants to help other people prevent this kind of tragedy. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children between the ages of one and four. (Via people)

Tick ​​tock users go viral to be happy

A TickTock user went viral for releasing the hit TV show Glee. Instead of seat fillers the show is visually real people and the combination of dummies makes it look like the auditorium is full of specific scenes. (Via Daily Mail)

New app for college students who want to date the old fashioned way

A new app called “Okzumar” has been launched for college students who are looking for more than just hookups. With over 20,000 subscribers, people can “juke up” talking to people so they can get to know each other instead of just meeting.


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