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BioR, owner of CC-Gym-Winning, has launched six new models this year, the RC-5W, including the RC-5 Swing Special and the Chariot.

It’s a compact car, so if you’re trying to measure it, consider the limits of golf. Like the running brother, Wagon also has the modern language of intercentric geometry, which helps to be reasonably modern.

On the forehead, there is a split headlight design on the front, with a vertical horizontal daylight lamp on the front, so that the headdress is down. At the moment, the grid looks like an RM-5 mini ivy.

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Unlike the RC-5 elevator, the RC-5W has a black D-column decorator to make it look like a floating roof. As for the design of the rear end, the family car has two small ammunition in a light moving column, illuminated by a black slot. In fact, “Horizontal Lines” seems to be a major theme behind it.

According to Automotive, the Bio Jun RC-5W has wheelbases 4,685 mm (184.4 inches) long, 1,806 mm (71.1 inches) wide, 1,485 mm (58.4 inches) long, and 2,700 mm (106.3 inches) long. These are compact dimensions that look like the VV Golf variant (albeit modest) or the Skoda Octavia Estate.

The car will be generous because it can be configured with sun protection, driving support technology, a panoramic camera system and much more. When it comes to performance, it delivers 6.8L / 100km (34.6 mpg), 145km (147ppm) and comes with a 145 ton petrol engine.

The Chinese carmaker will have to roll out an RC-5W wagon later this year.

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