You can now change your default iOS browser to Firefox or DuckDuckGo

If you have been updated to iOS 14, you can now change your default iOS browser to Firefox or DocDoggo if you wish. Both browsers have been approved by Apple to take advantage of new options to change your default web browser from Safari. (Google Chrome has already been approved))

Both browsers claim that the switch will further enhance your privacy protections …

We’ve highlighted the ability to change your default web browser and email app as one of the best iOS 14 features. Apple has probably introduced the option as one of the responses to growing mistrust concerns about the company.

The company still needs to allow browsers, an essential protection against application spamming: any application without the verification process can add web-browsing capabilities and then be presented as a potential default browser.

Firefox claims that it provides better protection against tracking than Safari.

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention provides precise privacy protection for full devices that you can make more powerful in Firefox. By setting Firefox as a strict enhanced tracking protection, you’ll be protected from tracking content embedded in videos, ads and other content via tracking code, as well as from aggressive cryptocurrencies and fingerprinting trackers.

Device fingerprinting is the work of the entire advertising industry towards the anti-tracking measures introduced by the application.

Firefox also emphasizes its nonprofit status, contrasting itself with Google Chrome without actually naming any company or browser.

Firefox is a standalone browser, not Mozilla, not a for-profit company. We believe that your personal information is not only among your friends, but also with advertisers and companies on the Internet – including us. Unlike other large technology companies, Firefox products do not collect, sell or monetize your personal data.

DakDoggo creates a similar privacy pitch.

Among other strong privacy protections, our browsers, by default, prevent most trackers from loading moderately (they only partially oppose protecting you once they are loaded). This means that companies like Google, Facebook and many more that you have never heard of have actually stopped tracking you across the web.

The company says that if you use the Legacy HT link, DakDakGo actively redirects you to the https version of the pages.

We crawl the web and maintain a list of sites that support encrypted connections, and then make sure that you use those encrypted connections whenever possible with our Smart Encryption technology. With an encrypted connection, the exact page you’re browsing (and the content you’ve submitted to that page, for example, your searches) is not visible to Internet providers (ISPs) and Wi-Fi snoopers.

To change your default browser from Safari:

  • Go to the App Store to download the browser you want to use
  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down in the browser
  • Tap the browser name
  • Tap the default browser application
  • Tap the browser you want to use

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