Xbox One is the best video game for couples

Want to enjoy some video games with your notable others? There is a huge list of games to choose from. However, if you want to enjoy something that can be enjoyed locally, here is a good choice to start. This list has a diverse set of games so hopefully there is something for everyone. That said, while these games are deadly spread across genres, we’re not listing these titles in any specific order.

# 10 Team Sonic Racing

Nintendo continues to dominate the kart racing scene with their incredibly popular Mario Kurt franchise. Each new platform release brings a new installment for fans to enjoy but if you don’t own a Nintendo console platform you are out of luck. However, this does not mean that there are no alternatives that have gained much acclaim, one of which is Team Sonic Racing. Sega has brought in a few installments in the past that were based on previous releases, such as Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed, as well as the vicinity of Kart Racing, which offered Sega IP characters and game courses to race among fans. Team Sonic Racing is of course about the Sonic character and the levels surrounding his franchise.

If you are familiar with other kart racers you can imagine how this game will play out. You will have different tracks and different power-ups scattered around those tracks that can turn your car upside down or provide attack power against other players. The result is a high-speed barrel race that mixes with some chaos after you first try to cross the finish line. As mentioned, there are other installments in this game series so if you want something a bit more featured than Sonic Hedgehog IP you can see Sonic and All-Star Racing converted in the previous installment. However, this game is not specifically available on the Xbox One platform as it was introduced for the last generation of platforms. That being said, it’s backwards compatible which means you can still enjoy the game on the Xbox One, and really, it holds up well.

# 9 Minecraft

Everyone knows what minecraft is. The game has been around for almost a year and it is enjoying gameplay of simplicity from young to old with fans all over the world. There is something for everyone in Minkraft that whether you enjoy a survival mode you need to get out carefully, reserve and survive at night. Or even those of you who enjoy endless creative gameplay mode that gives you instant access to all the resources available so you can create content to your heart’s content. The game is not only easy to play but also incredibly addictive which means it is a great title for couples.

Even a wonderful element has been added to the mix so you can create a random world for play. Players can start roaming around the world hoping to find a little village, temple or an abandoned minishoft. Also, the game can create some incredible terrain locations. Whatever the case, Mincraft has proven to be a popular title that just about anyone can enjoy. The development team behind the game, Mozang, is consistently providing content for players which means you can find any reason to continue testing with Mincraft even if you decide to take a break from it.

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