Xbox head Phil Spencer has commented on $ 70 next-generation games

When it comes to 2020, we knew that when we entered, we would see the launch of the next generation video game platform for both Sony and Microsoft. There was a lot of hype and anticipation about what the new platforms would offer, perhaps thinking of increasing the cost for the software. As former Sony PlayStation executive Shane Leyden noted the rising cost of developing games, it became a reality that the games could soon reach new heights.

NBA 2K21 is the first game to come to the scene for the next generation video game version. 69.99 was confirmed for the value. New video game titles that are released today usually cost $ 59.99, but the 10 10 price difference for releasing this big title could become the norm across the board. Of course, there are some arguments on both sides of this move. While there are definitely some big costs involved in making these video games, others have suggested that players who have increased the price for these games should place less emphasis on the titles of choice for the game.

Today, of course, there are plenty of video game titles that provide a number of microtransactions that allow the game to continue making money long after its initial release. Still, it’s always interesting to see what other industry veterans think about price increases, like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer. Phil is the head of Xbox and recently he was asked about the price from the Washington Post. As one of the Xbox’s most prominent positions, Phil Spencer seems to see the move as something that players will ultimately decide if $ 69.99 is fair.

“As an industry, we can set prices for what we want to offer and the customer will decide what is the right price for them.”

Moreover, it seems that Microsoft is preventing some developers from releasing games with price increases while upgrading to the next generation. Even if these games end up at 69.99, there are still many players who wait for the price to go down before finally buying a game. In fact, most games tend to drop out relatively quickly, but we’ve found that a few games aren’t just buying as fast as they used to, but only time will tell.

Source: The Washington Post

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