WWE Tried Booking Britney Spears, Marty Scarrell ROH

WWE tried to book Britney Spears through her then-husband Kevin Federlin. In other news, Marty Scarrell is not part of the ROH raster.

WWE tried to book Britney Spears, but got K-Fed

Interestingly, the WWE wanted Britney Spears to be present in the promotion. However, the pop icon never made it into WWW’s Square Circle.

Kevin Federline, Britain’s then-husband, made the booking for the match against WWE John Cena. Apparently, Federline got the booking because of the popularity at the time.

“K-Fed was obviously looking for some sort of promotion that he could get in a positive light. We are always looking for any kind of conversation that we can get with the popular people of that time. “

After discussing cable-Fed, did the WWE also consider Britney bookings? However, this never happened.

Some WWE officials expected Britney to sit with the audience during the K-Fed match. Obviously, that didn’t happen either.

Did the WWE fail to book Britney Spears, or were they not really interested?

The story hints that it never happened, not that the WWE didn’t get Britney Spears. However, if Brittany thinks the WWE was a bit far for her.

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Britney Spears has been a pop icon for many years. In fact, he has been put on a title alongside Madonna’s likes.

As it stands now, I don’t think we’ll ever see Britney Spears in the WWE ring.

Marty Scarrell has left RTH

There is some bad news for the rest of the Marty Scarlet fans. We have just received the news that Marty Scarrell has now officially left ROH.

ROH announced the wrestler’s departure on social media.

“Marty Scarrell and Ring of Honor have decided to split up.”

It was a relatively safe place on the RH after he signed a multi-year contract extension in January 2020. However

Marty Scarrell is charged with mischief

When the #SpeakingOut movement steamed up last year, one of the defendants, Marty Scarrell, was also quite serious about the allegations in question, as his complainant was a 16-year-old girl.

The ROH immediately launched an investigation to determine whether the allegations were true. At the same time, Scarl made a statement that everything is sensed.

After revealing these allegations during the summer, Scarlett did not act as a wrestler in the Ring of Honor. Apart from that, he did not work as a ROH booking agent.

In October, it appeared that the ROH was taking the allegations more seriously. This month, Scarl was removed from the Ring of Honor website.

Since October, it has been significantly quieter around the wrestler. In fact, many believed that he would eventually return.

Now, it seems Marty Scarrell’s career at RH is well and truly over. However, I doubt we will ever know what the investigation revealed.

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