World Police Week: Officer Matthew Ritner, John Hitland was honored during a surveillance

MILWAKY – Four Wisconsin police officers were honored Wednesday Wednesday, May 13, for lighting candles around the world to honor those who died on the line of duty.

Matthew Ritner, a Milwaukee Police colleague, kept a close eye on how he worked because it didn’t go as planned in Washington, D.C. Ritner was among 135 police officers in the U.S. who died in the 2019 lineup – and one in 307 was Wednesday.

Eric Smith

The interview between Ritner and Eric Smith led the Milwaukee Smiths uniform.

“If you want to do that, you have to be a police officer when we get home,” Smith said. “I’ve been complaining about it for a while. They keep talking – they talked to me. I’m here.”

Both retired from police service in Iraq, and for a while, they both worked in the “specialized patrol department” before receiving a phone call from Smith in February 2019.

“I lost seven friends in Iraq,” Smith said. “Matt lost seven friends in Iraq, seven brothers and came home with another friend. I’ve never tried these seven, and now it’s a great challenge to add a few more. “

In Washington this year, when Officer Ritner’s name was added to the Law Enforcement Memorial in DC, the names of those who died on duty line as part of National Police Week were long overdue.

“I don’t think you can be ready,” Smith said. “Just listen to you. Each of the names has a face. Everyone has a story in one of the names. Matt is always smiling, always happy. I think people should know more about Matt and he is always a happy man.

Resin police officer John Hitland was also honored, as were the two former victims.

Bags were placed at various police stations to play Amazing Grace together at midnight and pay homage to the fallen cops.



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