Without the pressure of corporate employees to return to the offices – Apple

Apple sources deny that there is no timetable for company employees to return to work at Apple Park and other company offices. Many are working from home in the event of a coronary virus.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the first phase of the return to work for Apple offices has already begun, and the second round is planned for July.

The report also stated that employees are being ‘told’ by managers in the first or later stages.

According to Apple sources talking to John Grueger, this gives a misleading impression.

The emphasis of the article on the title “rivals” is that Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter are pushing hard to get employees back into their offices.

I’ll call the bull. This narrative dispels what is happening in Apple. One Apple manager I spoke to said, “It’s not there.”

A large part of the argument is more in theory than facts, but Gruber’s sources deal with two specific claims. First, there is no July schedule in place.

All sources I spoke to said it was being “scheduled” to launch in July for a second time would say otherwise. No schedule. July can be a theoretical start, but a promising start, yes, but the program is being developed by Apple, not virus. A source said: “There is no exact timeline associated with Level 2 or 3.” And, since I was told, managers have no pressure to put members of their teams into tier 1 or 2.

If anything, the opposite is – administrators will help them continue their work at home, keep them safe and secure, and empty the whole campus as much as possible. According to a source, the leadership in the Apple chain “is completely safe with the one we have not returned anytime soon.”

Second, it tells managers when to return to their employees.

That’s exactly how this process works. Managers are not making these decisions, after which they “notify” their employees. Tag, you’ll be back in the office. The focus is on managers having conversations with everyone in their groups, hearing from employees, listening to what they want, how they feel and what their circumstances are like. And then by making decisions together,

Both the original Blueberg fragment and this response refer to a corporate employee, Apple has a set of return schemes to bring retailers back to work.

Apple uses Gruber as an informal form of travel from time to time but doesn’t want to speak directly, which has a lot of flavor. I also understand that the razor-sharp tone reflects Apple’s feelings about the report.

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