With the opening of Caitlin Bristow and her love letters to him, Nick Vial admits that he is a problem solver.

Nick Vial talks about his time in The Bachelorette. Peak Credit: ABC

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Nick Vial was a guest during today’s episode of Ever.

Nick played a key role in Caitlin Bristow’s season. He entered the process late and he did it on offer.

He and Shawn Booth weren’t together, and the two had a lot of hesitation, making Nick look like he was making trouble.

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It doesn’t help that Vial slept with Caitlin on one date after another, angering Shawn, who had put everything in her relationship with Caitlin before this news.

And during the chat with Chris Harrison, Nick admitted that he was actually a problem solver.

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Nick Vial admits that he and Caitlin exchanged love letters

The conversation begins with Nick, revealing that he has never met Caitlin in person but they have chatted on social media. He admits they talked every day and even facetime.

Chris also revealed that Nick was sending a love letter to Caitlin in the form of an email when he was about to go to Bachelor.

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She did not have access to her email during the filming so she told them they would return home

Caitlin claims she never got them. However, Nick told Chris during today’s episode that he had returned to his sent box. Sure, they’ve been there since 2015.

He revealed that they were sweet and captured what he thought at the time about Bristo, but added that they weren’t sure they would be together today.

Harrison questioned how Nick became the villain of his season, but he admits he is a problem solver. He did things because he wanted to, even if it stopped making people forget.

Nick Vial now calls Caitlin a great friend

Although Caitlin dropped Nick on national television, she revealed that they are now good friends.

Nick Vial reflects his offer in The Bachelor and admits that he is a bad boy. Peak Credit: @Nikvial / Instagram

“It was like an aving wave to the person who was swinging at the person behind … but a million times worse. TBH I’m looking back at this time in my life and there’s nothing but positive memories. I just didn’t think about tomorrow night. This BBC will recover our entire failed proposal … It was truly an age-old affair. You never know how things will turn out as time goes on. I’m glad to call KB a good friend, “Nick wrote on Instagram before the episode aired.

Nick was active with his podcast during the split. Not only did she use the opportunity to criticize Hannah Brown for using the n-word during a drunken song performance on her Instagram story, she also flirted with Hannah Ann from Peter Weber’s season.

Hannah Ann appeared on the Ever episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons tonight and ever and here, she revealed that her DMs were open and she was ready for the date.

As he himself said, he wanted to hear from the boys, because he was browsing the menu but did not order.

Come on Nick – your chance is here.

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