With the help of Apple API, it promotes downloading the program in Italy

Italy is one of the first countries to adopt a joint Apple / Google API for its coronavirus tracking program and early signs are helping to reassure people. Prevention-Related Downloads Downloads have reached more than the approved 25% within the first ten days of download.

Initially, there was a fear that privacy in Italy would be limited to the adoption of privacy.

Italy has decided to make the immunization program available in four regions with a population of millions. According to Reuters, about 2.2 million of these have been downloaded and it has been noticed that privacy concerns are less common than expected.

Like viruses in other European countries, governments have programmed the software as a powerful tool to prevent a second wave of infection. Germany released its own version next week.

“We want a summer where travel is as safe as possible. This program can help us resume our activities after the blockade,” said Paula Pisano, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalization. [Reuters].

The government’s call for retaliation was initially met with support for secrecy and resistance from opposition politicians, but much of Italy’s warmth is growing.

“Even my downloaders downloaded it,” said Daniela Kamodji, 47, who was in the northern Ligurian town of Surgeon, where the event is being held.

The Italian government has stated that using the app is not mandatory, but anyone who chooses to use it will make a difference.

Prevention of this terrible epidemic is a valuable tool and enhances the overall effectiveness of each user. It is strongly recommended that you install the app, use it properly and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same. But no one has to use it. This is personal choice.

The app summarizes some of the eight proponents of API privacy when you first open it.

While the Apple / Google API acquisition was slow, a growing number of countries are either acknowledging it or moving on.

It is recognized by Finland, Ireland and Portugal. Austria is converting to this. Both Singapore and Australia are discussing the change.

Switzerland is the first country to issue an API-based application following Italy. Germany, Latvia and Estonia are doing the same thing, only Britain and France have rejected it.

Germany has taken a step back from its original position and a Reuters report says other countries are now suing.

There is less progress in the United States where more countries have refused to accept it.

Communications Downloads Downloads are a very important step in the fight against the virus, with epidemiologists estimating that of0–0% of the population needs to be persuaded to install programs to bring about meaningful change. Italy is doing well, but there is still a long way to go.

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