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It’s safe to say that at any given moment, we probably wore our favorite band shirt, a black skinny jeans and something VanIt’s basically the official uniform of the kids everywhere. Some of the great things we really like when we like our collection compiled from the Thrift Store and Concert March tables are the really old-school stuff.

Vintage band t-shirts are not something you leave behind to go to work – they are a collector’s item. Such as bands Nirvana, Slipknot And there are more amazing throwbacks that you can find online for sale at a generally steeper price. Check out the 10 vintage band t-shirts we would like to have in our collection below.

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These 2000s Slipknot T-shirts that you will never give up – 60.77

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This Slipknot T-shirts, it seems to have been present around the time of the band since 2001 Iowa Era, of course a unique quest. It already looks comfortable enough to wear, and only one of the sizes is available. The best part about the top is that it shows all of the band members in their throwback masks, so it’s really an authentic part of the art.

From a vintage nirvana shirt Bleach Era – 114.99

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Bid for this Bleach-era Nirvana Vestibule T starts at 11 115 and for good reason. This amazing look is really true and it stands out from the Nirvana shirt you pick up at any other store. The front is a play on the hell circles of Dante Hell, While reading “Fuz Pekin, Crack Smokin, Devil’s Badshipship Motherfuckers” in the back, as if you don’t already want to put a bid on it. The band also has a limited amount on their site at 24.99.

A green day Dookie 90s shirts – $ 125

[Photo via Wyco Vintage]

This is authentic Green day T-shirts since 1994 Dookie We were always listening. The shirt is priced at more than 100, but it is one of the most iconic punk bands in the world.

This Misfits shirt with the logo of this iPhoneic skull – 60

[Photo via eBay]

Top of the ’90s, it is Misfits TE is the real deal. It’s fairly simple because the front only has the band’s iconic logo, while the back has their name in the signature font. It’s a classic top that you’ll want to wear with everything and it’s even more special because it’s authentic.

An OG Osborne T bank that could break up since 1982 – $ 300

[Photo via Wyco Vintage]

This Ozzy Osbourne The shirt is from her A madman’s diary The era may exceed your price range but you still want to buy it. This is an original part of the machine in good condition, which explains the ট্যাগ 300 price tag. The artistic details are absolutely incredible and it seems like you came straight from the 80’s if you keep wearing it in your daily life.

A 1983 Meltil Cree Tour shirt that is both fashionable and rock ‘n’ roll – $ 24.97 ++

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This Mötley Crüe The shirt is great for its orange detail and the full portrait of the band displayed on the front. It also features the phrase “sex, drugs, rock and roll” which means you’ll definitely see a bad one in it.

This vintage soundgarden shirt is the dream of the technicians of the ’90s $ 219.98

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For over $ 200, you can play this authentic Soundgarden The 1994 tour shirt which is full of color and vibrations of ‘90s and the overall design fonts make it a complete throwback and every time you apply it you will definitely look like a true grunge expert.

A throwback Marilyn Manson shirt that can give you nightmares – $ 300

[Photo via Wyco Vintage]

It’s another top with a ট্যাগ 300 price tag, but it’s understandable. This is an authentic one Marilyn Mansion The 1994 shirt has a cute picture of the guy in front of him doing what he did – he came out of us while performing amazing songs.

This KISS lace-up top that is both stylish and punk AF – 39.99

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This Kiss The top is so adorable with its lace-up front that you’re fooling people into thinking you’re not just wearing a band. It can be worn to really mix things up with pants or as a dress. Also, it will show the love of your hard-rock band in the process.

These 1980 Queen Tour shirts are classic rock as they come – 400

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This The queen The 1970s tour shirt is the most expensive on the list, but it’s really a collector’s item. It’s a classic that will always be great and show your love and devotion to the band.

Which shirt would you like to add to your collection? The comments below are harmful!

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