Will Robin Dixon actually marry Juan again?

Viewers claim Juan and Robin will not get married. Peak Credit: Bravo

After five seasons at Potomac’s Real Housewives, Robin Dixon and Juan Dixon finally got engaged.

But it seems fans will not just let the RHOP star celebrate her happy moment.

Many RHOP visitors are claiming that despite the offer, the couple will not actually land on the isle.

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Juan and Robin, who have spent several years and the following season, were asked when they would remarry.

Finally, in season 5, the former basketball player proposed to his ex-wife at the end of the show.

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It was definitely a joyous moment for the RHP star, who recently showed off his ring at the Season 5 reunion.

But now the moment is being filled by fans who doubt that the couple will actually tie the knot.

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RHOP viewers cast a shadow over Robin

After all their ups and downs, Robin and Juan are finally ready to tie the knot again after a heart-warming offer at RHOP.

But some stupid fans on social media are not buying it at all.

After the RHP reunion aired its final section, some viewers took to Twitter to shade the couple and their upcoming wedding.

Credits @ atwash101 / Twitter
Pix Credit @mscody16 / twitter

Robin shows here a costume jewelry ring from a man who never goes to marry her. Wasn’t his budget 8,000 or something like that? Yet he is still flashing a 1,000,000-look ring. OKKE #RHHP #RoprePionion pic.twitter.com/7ub8gzViIG

– Ashley Smith (ashley_smit_৮৮) December 29, 2020

Judgment, go ahead and set the date and get the venue. You must go down to the isle before Juan and Robin. #Rhp pic.twitter.com/Smtqwqcg7g

– Laura Winslow (@theitsibime) December 28, 2020

Will Juan and Robin ever be able to tie the knot?

Despite the naysayers, Potomac star Real Housewives has every desire to tie the knot with his long-term love.

Robin had previously expressed dissatisfaction with his wedding plans and told fans that the COVID-19 epidemic had reduced things.

“Yeah!” The epidemic was completely ruined or planned, “both admitted.” Well, I don’t mean to say that it ruined it; it delayed our plan.

The Potomac housewife also shared what she and Juan initially imagined.

“We wanted to have a destination wedding and we’ll start planning after the gambling basketball season ends in March, and we all know what happened in March,” Robin said.

She recounted this feeling during the RHOP reunion finale and told host Andy Cohen that she wanted to get married in a smaller destination.

For now, Green Eye Beauty has not shared a date for when it will happen, but it could play very well in future episodes of RHOP.

Potomac’s Real Housewives are currently on a Bravo break.

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