Will MJF challenge John Moxley for the next J Championship?

Brian Cage is no longer challenged for the EU Championship after Derby Allen attacked him last week.

But what does this mean for current AW champion John Moxley? Okay, that means the AWW Champion can defend anyone other than the next MJF.

MJF hints at challenging AJW Championship

Maxley had been coming to the AUU Championship for some time. And now that Brian Cage is out of the way, a new challenger is coming out of the woodwork.

MJF took to social media to take some shots at current AW Championship holder John Moxley.

“It’s almost like there’s a certain person in the company who doesn’t want to spotlight me. There may be an “instance shift” in how things run around here. #notmychampion. “

He later took another shot at Moxley. Clearly, these are some of the clearest indications that Moxley’s next rival could be serious.

Faithful Pro Wrestling is meant to be like a car accident.

The time has come to change culture. #NotMyChampion

– Maxwell Jacob Friedman ™ ️ (@The_MJF) July 20, 2020

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Why MJF can still be Moxie’s biggest challenge as AUU champion

MJF could be the most serious challenge for Moxley. After all, they remain undefeated in one-on-one competition.

Although he has lost MJF Tag Team title matches and group matches, he has never lost a single match since coming to AW.

During the first few months of 2020, the MJF spent its time with Cody Rhodes. It came after Rhodes turned the heel behind the whole gear in every gear.

Subsequently, the MJF became embroiled in a dispute with the Jurassic Express. The conflict ended with a defeat to Jungle Boy in Double Or Nothing.

Most recently, the MJF suffered a defeat at the hands of the Jurassic Express during Fitter Fest. However, it was a tag defeat again and is not counted towards his solo series.

John Moxley’s successful defense

Although the MJF is unbeaten in singles, John Moxley has a decent track record as the AOU champion. So far, Maxley has successfully defended his title against Jack Hazer, Brody Lee and Brian Cage.

It remains to be seen whether Maxley will be the dominant champion until fans return to the field. However, it seems that ADU is taking their time to build a successful champion.

Frequent title changes are not great at this point. After all, fans can’t take part and it makes the moment a little less special.

Unlike the WWE, the UU has benefited from the lack of fans in their narrative. Instead of just plaudging, they focused on building their talents on temporary storytelling stories that go nowhere.

A prime example of Auiu’s skill in making stars is found in the Orange Cassidy. His recent feud with Chris Jericho is further proof of that.

And the Orange Cassidy brand is one of the many stars that have been able to create successfully over the past few months. In addition to Orange Cassidy, there is Derby Alin, who reappeared in the film after a recent injury.

While Derby Allen was leaning towards a fight with Brian Cage, Maxley still toured the halls of Auiu to become the champion.

However, the question remains, will he be able to defeat MJF?

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