Why Mushu is not in the new Mulan movie

If your favorite character from the original Mulan By the way, you may be a little disappointed with the new live-action adaptation. Released on September 4 at Disney +, the film bears a stark contrast to the 1998 animated film, starring Eddie Murphy in the absence of the beloved Talk Dragon. While we certainly miss the intelligent tracking Mushu and his smiling one-liners, the film’s director has a valid reason for not including him in the reboot.

“I think we can all appreciate that Mushur is immutable,” Nicky Carro told Digital Spy in January. “You know, the animated classic stands out on its own. The movie is a representation of an animal – the spiritual representation of the ancestors and especially Mulan’s relationship with his father. But an update from Mushur? No ”

The reboot features a phoenix that serves as Mulan’s guide throughout the film, Carro added, adding that it wasn’t supposed to serve as a replacement for Mushu. “So, a dragon to the left and right of the emperor,” he explained. “The dragon represents masculinity, and the phoenix represents feminine. In a movie, in a story that explores the fluidity of sex so much, I thought it was a really great and appropriate way. “

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