Why hasn’t Toronto moved the blockbuster yet?

TORONTO – This is a good time to look forward to the Toronto Blue Joyce and still the most dormant baseball off-season in anticipation of a significant move toward normalcy at some point in the new year, with no disrespect to the ever-active San Diego Padres.

So far, Blue JS has re-signed GM Ross Atkins and left Robbie Roy in his front office for বছরের 8 million a year, claiming right-handers Anthony Castro and Walter Lockett, who were nearing the end to sign with Dusan Bear in Cabio, and Tyler Ho Wall and Richard have added Urena to the minor-league deal.

Ha-Seong Kim’s attempts to bring down Kevin Gaussman, who accepted a ৮ 16.9 million qualification offer from the San Francisco Giants, and a four-year deal with Padres, fell short, and they all fell short. Attempts have been made to complete the stasis.

The slow-burning winter at the moment means that all the business that would normally be done by Christmas has popped off in a big way with the possibility of the 2021 hit raising its head at once. Or perhaps the pseudo-leverage tug-of-war could spread in or after February, especially if the epidemic triggers spring training or awaits a more widespread introduction of the vaccine.

With that, let’s explore this calendar-flipped version of FAQs:

Okay, what exactly has everyone been doing for the last two months that, Padres has been discounted, so much of baseball is inactive? Why isn’t more happening?

This is really the off-season question so far and it seems embarrassing that the only top free agent to reach a deal is Kim encouraged with the completion of her posting. There are a lot of theories in it, maybe some truth. The New York Mets are without a doubt a big part of it, as their renovated front office under new owner Steve Cohen is still taking place and they insist on how the original free-agent pieces like George Springer, Trevor Bauer and possibly DJ Lemahiu are all waiting to be seen. Enters the market. The Mets have already signed catcher James McCann for .. 40.6 million in four years – a move that removed the Realmuto Mix from their jetty – and the Springer and Bauer camps will want to see what their maximum bids are at least.

Crosstown-rival Yankees’ plan, meanwhile, is opaque and their awkward dance with Lemahiyu – they want him back, he wants to come back, but no deal – it’s another kind of thing um now it seems like the two of them are playing chicken, each in their numbers. Holding and waiting for the blink of an eye.

The blue cross is hiding there, waiting for the breakdown, but there’s no pressure to deal with uncertainty once the season starts, so everyone can stand in their numbers for a long time. For players, the optimism is that this summer, more information and perhaps a clearer path for more fans, is leading more teams to bidding, while some executives are waiting for more budget information. Or perhaps the delay lockdown is a side effect of fatigue.

A. You mentioned that Neil J is hiding. Where will things stand for them with the Big Four?

The best I’ve been able to lift, the best, will continue to be Blue J. Springer, Lemahiu, Bauer and Realmuto. A report by Desha Thosar of the New York Daily News this week suggested that the bidding for the sprinter was with the Mets and Blue Jade, although my idea is not clear that the final game is too close.

The Yankees and Lemahiyu are similar, and an interesting question is whether the Mets ’big moves will encourage a counter in the Bronx and prevent the infielder waiting for his game from signing. The only elite starter available as a single in the Bauer free-agent market, which should have landed him further, although Realmut’s market may have closed after the transfer to Metcan Met, the Blue Jays has probably paved a better path for him.

Okay, but why haven’t they done it yet? Why don’t they emphasize the issue with one of these primary goals?

This is an opinion in my favor, but my idea is that Neil J is reluctant to determine the market and for them to force the matter would probably mean spending at least a year more than each club, with more dollars per season for the star Hyun-Jean Rior last year. They were willing to pay the premium when they paid him $ 8 million in four years, but the retrenchment fee from the Mets would be even more significant before Spronzer received his best offer. And since no other team is jumping into the market, letting the Blue Jays play things, allowing someone else to establish a running rate, and react accordingly.

That being said, to land in one of the Big Four they have to make a huge jump out of the comfort zone. One statement I often remember was in 2016, when Andrew Friedman, president of the Los Angeles Dodgers at Baseball Operations, said, “If you always argue about free agents, you will get third place over every free agent.” Blue Jays probably need to be overly irrational. Will they make a deal with one of these four?

Hey, we’re asking questions here. Isn’t it time to be very irrational?

Personally, I think so too, because the clock is ticking at their young core and they can do the worst they can in Bo Cichi, with Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Cavan Biggio, Lord’s Guerrilla Jr. and Nate Pearson every season they can’t fully benefit. Remember that in the late 1990s, Blue Jesse formed a young core consisting of Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, Alex Gonzalez, Shannon Stewart, Jose Cruz Jr., Chris Carpenter, Kelvim Escobar and Roy Hallad but failed to grow enough around them. Bringing together so many elite young talents and not going on season with that group is the biggest missed opportunity in franchise history especially the Tampa Bay Rays trade Blake Snell and after seemingly taking a step back with Charlie Morton and the Yankees with some weakness, now is the time to be brave. .

This is what we are talking about. They should all go AJ. Piller is buffering Padres, isn’t he?

Don’t breathe for anything interesting. In the deadline of the trade this summer, when Priler signed six contracts involving 26 players, I asked Atkins why not take a similar approach. This was his answer:

“Look at the Dodgers. It’s not always included at once – it’s an uninterrupted increase. They continue their system up. They made their 40-man roster more efficient and obviously very effective. It’s important to measure, and there’s no turning point where in our view you put all the cards on the table. For us, it is hopeful that we will continue to be able to create a system that continues to provide talent, not just for our business. That is our goal. “

They also apply to winter. In an ideal world, my idea is that blue jerks want to gradually add pieces to their core in the hope that they will build a team instead of a bundle of talent. Even Padres worked in phases, adding Eric Hosmer three years ago, Manny Machado two years ago, Drew Pomeranz last year, Tommy Fame, Jack Cronenworth, Trent Grisham and Zach Davis topping the list with Mike Clevinger. , And is now occupying Snell, Yu Darvish and Kim. The Padres had a deeper farm system to work with than the Blue Zed, but I don’t expect them to behave as aggressively as the Padres even though they did.

Now that you mentioned it, what happened to Kim? And why didn’t Blue Joyce snatch one of Snell or Darwish?

South Korean media reported that the Blue Jays had offered Kim a five-year contract and that it was unacceptable for them to include a clause refraining from barring him from minors without his consent. I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. The idea I got was that the Blue Jays pressed hard and felt they were right there, but Kim chose San Diego in the end. I would be curious to know where the final dollar in his deal went down.

On Snell, the Rays historians were historically reluctant to trade within the division, so there could probably be a premium to the Blue Jade. They could have matched or defeated the package for Darwish, of course, but he has a 12-team no-trade clause that they must have been on.

Where does Blue Joyce leave? And what if they don’t sign one of the Big Four?

In a sense, the Blue Jays aren’t too far from where they started, only they now need to know the prices around the market for both free agents and businesses and be able to attack quickly as dominoes begin to decline. At the moment, nothing that has happened before forces them to change their tactics.

If they haven’t landed either Springer, Lemahiyu, Bauer and Realmuto, they have a healthy group to choose the level below. Francisco Linder is an alternative to the business, although the price they will be willing to pay for him depends on whether he agrees to sign an extension. As a result of dealing with Cubes Darwish, Blue J could probably emphasize the availability of Chris Bryant or Xavier Bays. Sonny Gray and possibly Luis Castillo can play from the Reds. The Blue Jays and Pirates spoke to Joe Musgrove before the deadline, and if they signed to Realmuto, some of their caught surplus could probably be re-listed there.

So, as the off-season begins in November, a sense of possibility exists, the strategy of making some of them a reality remains.

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