Why Flemish’s Valimaki is less likely to return this summer

Juso Vallimaki is likely to be part of the Calgary Flames ‘play-off film’ Slim lim

Even after 10 months of rehabilitation on the treated knee if the doctors give him a clear bill related to health, his participation can come at a very high price.

If Flames’ 21-year-old defender steps on the ice for a single play-in or play-off game, the club could end up spending the services of its captain Mark Giardano.

Here’s how:

The Seattle expansion draft goes into effect next summer and the Flame will be allowed to defend three defense forces, seven forwards and one netminder.

At the moment Noah Hanifin and Rasmus Anderson are locked behind their age, skills and long term contracts.

Valimakhi can also be very squeamish, but he won’t have enough NHL service to qualify by missing the entire season this year. So, he doesn’t have to be protected and the flames can theoretically protect Giordano instead.

GM Brad Trailing said, “It’s pretty cut and dried that the eligibility rules in the expansion draft say you have to play Pro for three years to be eligible,” said GM Brad Trailing. “Basically, if you play an NHL game that counts as a one-year pro. If he doesn’t play a one-year supporter through a letter of law – and it’s not that we’re sitting on him – he doesn’t qualify for expansion. “

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Before putting away a torn ACL last summer, Valimaki only played 24 games on fire, which left him in the summer of last year that if he didn’t play this year, he would enter his second year as a pro next season.

Vallimaki’s rehabilitation went well until the end of the season, and he was even allowed to continue skating under the direction of team medical staff for weeks before the NHL game was called off. He then returned to Finland, and when he returned to skate in a team of 12 with his teammates at Saddlom, his participation was unofficial, meaning he still could not go through the official examination by the team doctors.

“The deadline for this injury is almost a year – 10 months. If everything goes well, you can recover, but you don’t play in one year,” said Trilliving. In 2014, the team’s first-round PCT was ACL. Surgery at the end of last August.

“She is OK [enough] To play. “

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Even if he is, there is little reason to disbelieve that the flames of the fire will throw him into the lineup unless they have a raft of injuries and the team does not advance deep into the playoffs.

Otherwise, there are nine healthier options than Valamaki, thanks to a few time deals reached at the club by Derek Forbert and Eric Gustafson on the degree chart. Ahead of him are Giordano, T.J. Brody, Travis Harmonic, Hanifin, Anderson, Oliver Killington and Michael Stone

The tenth option could be Farmhand Alexander Ilesin, who has played four games with the big club this year and will be one of the team’s best Axes.

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Even if Valimaki is given a clean bill of health, why is he not given extra time to heal and prepare for the next season?

As talented as he is, when the season is on the line and the intensity of the game spreads, there’s a lot to ask him to jump into NHL action again.

If the team re-signs for Harmonic, Brody or another top-four defender later this season, they too will gain serious consideration for protecting Giardano, who will be 3b years old at the time of the expansion draft, with just one year left. His contract is 6.75 million.

Tough for this flame, the flames will bring at least two dangers among those options so that the goodwill can play a few games this season.

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