Why Evander: The Hockey Diversity Alliance lets players create their own stories.

Evander Kane’s entire NHL career brought him to this moment.

Since its debut in 2009, Ken has sought to promote hockey in various, vulnerable communities in an effort to expand its reach. The minority has done the same for other prominent players and is waiting to see what the government does. Now, they have finished waiting.

“We don’t expect anything to happen, because to tell the truth, I’ve been waiting for 11 years,” Cane told reporters on Tuesday. “It simply came to our notice then. Because the story was always controlled by Upper Echelon.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to create our own story and (change) people’s thinking and our sports culture.”

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Joel Rose on the formation of the Hockey Diversity Alliance

June 820, 20

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Kane’s “great opportunity” was an alliance of hockey diversity, a team formed Monday to encourage diversity and eradicate racism in hockey. Ken and Aki Aliu are co-chairs, while Trevor Daly, Matt Dumba, Wayne Symonds, Chris Stewart and Joel Ward are members of the executive committee.

The alliance’s genesis came in late November, when Ali first introduced his experience with coach Bill Peters during AHL as a target of a racial catastrophe.

Why, he said, more than a dozen players are meeting on the phone with each other to discuss how they want to take action. The conversations were not settled, but were revived at the end of May – after Aliyam published the story “Hockey is not for everyone” in his players’ tribune and the death of George Floyd sparked worldwide protests against racial injustice.

At this point, it was clear that the players had to put the words into action. As Ken said, “We felt we couldn’t talk anymore. We needed to do something about them.”

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To achieve its core goal, the Hockey Diversity Alliance plans to create opportunities for young hockey players who would not otherwise have the opportunity to play or even learn.

White athletes have always dominated the hockey landscape, even in communities where whites are not the majority.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in the NHL’s 24 franchise states, 10 subway districts are located where the minority white is in the 2018-19 season, the NHL had only 50 non-white players.

When announcing the alliance on Monday, Kane should emphasize the group’s ambitions: “We hope that those who write skates or sit on the stand will behave in such a way that they do not worry about race, gender or socio-economic background and are able to express their culture. Identity and values. “A person without appropriate retaliation.”

We are proud to announce the formation of the Hockey Diversity Alliance that pic.twitter.com/Z5g6BP2b4f

– EvanderKen (@EvanderKen_9) June 8, 2020

Ken said he and other members of the alliance have received support from players around the league, which he described as “unnecessary.” They didn’t talk about working with the NHL, but why this “this is optimistic and wants” that this conversation will take place in the coming weeks.

Everything moves quickly, but it doesn’t happen fast. After all, it’s only 2 days. Coalition websites should be set up within the next 10 days, he said, and have already submitted documents that would make the group’s charity official.

Kane is hopeful and hopeful he will work with the league, but he has made it clear that the alliance will work individually. It is a group that does not wait for others to accept the cause but determines the actual change.

Why tell us, “We’re giving ourselves a chance to control what we do.” We don’t want it to be something that just looks good or there’s a box that checks. I want.

“We want to make our game more diverse, more diverse fan base and help everyone feel comfortable with their skin when it comes to our game.”

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