Why did Val Dyer call the midwife? Jennifer Karby explained the exit

After Jennifer Kirby dropped the call to midwife in August 2020, we were wondering how they would explain Nurse Valerie Dyer’s Christmas special and the grace from Series 10? Will it be a scheduled departure storyline, or will it leave space for a return?

And now we have our answer.

Why did Valerie Dyer leave the Nonnatus House?

The explanation for Nurse Valerie Dyer’s departure comes in the opening minutes of the 2020 Christmas special, when Nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George) tries to fix Nurse Lucille Anderson’s (Leoni Elliott) new hair fix. She goes to borrow the teasing comb of the well – and see the notifications that the valve side of the dressing table is completely cleared. “Where’s Valerie’s stuff?” Triksi asked, stunned. “She just went to the maternity home. Why on earth would he take his heated rollers there? “

The answer came at dinner, when Sister Julien (Jenny Agutar) told the assembled residents of Nonnatus House: “Miss Dyer prayed for my wisdom and indeed for my silence. Shortly after his grandmother died, he came to me in considerable distress, requesting her resignation. ”

Has suffered for a good few years. In eight series (2019) she had to report her beloved grandmother to the police for her activities as an illegal abortionist; Then in Series Nine (2020), his grandmother fell ill in prison. He was released under good supervision and died of cancer at the end of the series, leaving Vol to grieve and wrestle with guilt.

But Sister Julien actually refused Valley’s resignation; Val then rejected the offer of leave in the absence of Sister Julien; And finally a solution was found to satisfy both.

Red has just moved away from London Airport to catch a flight to South Africa, where he will work at the Hope Clinic – a rural mission hospital 201 specializing in Christmas.

Everyone seems rather bizarre, with sister Monica Joan (Judy Perfit) rather happily announcing, “She didn’t leave us, she just moved us to another case.”

But when Lucille asked how long she had been well, Sister Julien said: “There is no way to tell. I did not press for any kind of promise. “

Why did Jennifer Kerby call the midwife?

In August 2020, Jennifer Kerby announced that she was going to call a midwife – although she did not share a specific reason.

She wrote in a statement: “After four happy years calling midwives, I have decided to say goodbye to Nonnatas, Val and the great actors, crew and production team.

“The program is truly a national treasure, and it will always be a great honor for me to do something so great. I can’t wait to see our favorite nonnatals from the other side of the screen. Long-lived midwife call. Such a tall puppy. ”

Call Pippa Harris, Midwife’s executive producer RadioTimes.com: “Jennifer is delighted to be working with Call Mid Midwife and we wish her all the best as we continue cycling from Nonnatus House.”

Will the good come back again?

You never know! Looking at the story of her departure, the door is clearly left open for Valerie to return from South Africa – if Jennifer Kerby ever wants to call a midwife.

As Triksi puts it: “Well, maybe when he gets out of the hair varnish he’ll be back.”

However, from the actress’s statement, it sounds as if she is calling the midwife for a good job.

How will the departure of the good call the midwife?

Good friends and colleagues are deeply saddened by his decision to leave – and nothing more than Lucille, who is devastated that Valla did not say goodbye.

Speaking from the set of Call Midwife, Lucille actress Leoni Elliott told reporters: Lucille. “

He added: “We love Jane and we miss her.”

Linda Bassett, who plays Nurse Crane, says: “We’re all sorry Jane is gone. We miss him so much. We miss when people go. We still miss Emerald (Fennel) and Charlotte (Richie) and everyone. They still seem to be part of the nonnatas.

After the Christmas special, call the Midwife to return to the 10th season of 2021? Looking to see more? Check out our guide to the best Christmas TV 2020 or find out what to watch tonight with our TV guide.

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