Who won the veto competition today?

The BB22 cast has just finished the Power 5 Power game of the veto competition. Peak Credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2020 destroyers have revealed who won the power of the veto competition held just today. Six homeowners facing the veto necklace and Big Brother’s Live Feeds have announced the winners.

Christmas Abbott is the main householder of 5 weeks and he nominated Beleig Dayton and D’Von Rogers for eviction. This started a lot of noise at home as the trio lined up last week. Or at least the bed thought Christmas was with them. He lied. He never was.

On Saturday morning, it was revealed that Ian Terry, Nicole Franzel and Daniel Donato will join the three in the veto competition. This means that all five women in the house will play for POV this week.

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Prior to the veto contest, Christmas reiterated that its primary goal for eviction was Beleg this week. He hit this spot with all the members of his alliance and further said that he would like to have Dawn not with him. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Although Christmas wanted to play for them, Nicole and Danny also had plans to throw a POV.

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Who won the Veto power this week?

Christmas Abbott Veto has won the power. Feeds came back after 3pm to reveal exactly what happened to PT (during Big Brother’s house). Christmas seemed quite satisfying and I was really upset about what happened at D’Von.

It was a veto competition where prizes and punishments were also part of the equation. The first one brings a prize, the second one takes the prize and can trade it with the first person if they want, and so on.

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Looks like Christmas got the POV, D’Von won 5,000, Nicole got the customer, Danny got no slop pass, and Belly got a penalty. It’s not clear what happened to Ian, but there are indications that he didn’t play. It is not understood, so we will try to clear it later.

Important brother vaito ceremony is coming

Christmas will now host the veto ceremony on Monday and there is a lot of chatter from other homeowners who fear he will use it to save someone.

Could Christmas have the opportunity to go after another housewife? It’s vague. He said Belleigh had his goal, whatever things might change.

We have yet to see a third force from the BB basement. Could it have appeared before the eviction ceremony? We have to wait and see.

If the nominees remain the same, the Nicole and Cody alliance hopes to enjoy it quite a bit.

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