Who is still called Clay? 13 Revealing the mysterious collar

Spoolers 13 season before season 4

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Finally Comes Out And It’s Hard To Stroke Any Stroke We ended up with Monty’s death – and a reaction like this killed Bryce Walker, so it’s no surprise that we’re going to fight Clay.

Clay and his friends have molested Monty for killing Bryce despite Alex’s crime, and Monty’s boyfriend Winston is the only person who suspects this.

From time to time, it is clear that Clay is fighting. In the first episode he still hates Monty’s ghost because he hallucinated during the school day and dreamed of him at night.

In the second episode Clay received a phone call from Monty’s phone, but the voice was distorted.

Monty is dead, there is no sudden revival here, so who is called whom?

Who calls Clay for 13 reasons?

As soon as Clay entered his college application, he first called Monty’s phone number – he tried FaceTime twice. When he calls the school the next day, he reveals that the caller is harassing him, that first evening he rang 15 times.

The caller says, “Monty was framed,“ You threw him into the sea. ”The caller also has pictures and forwards them.

In the third episode, the request actually exploded. Clay is constantly on the phone, caller gesturing that he can see Clay – he’s at school.

At first Clay thinks it’s Winston who’s making fun of him, because he was so close to him when he picked him up. He asked the caller if he was Winston, but he replied angrily, “Who is Winston? You don’t recognize the number? Of course, Monty does.”

The calls don’t stop and Clay follows the instructions or he starts at the risk of revealing the truth to the caller. This is basically blackmail.

The voice tells Clay that he needs to start fighting at school, so Clay goes back to Jack to tell him to kill him and that he can’t fight anymore. When Zach refuses to start with him, Clay responds by going to him.

Eventually Clay informs Annie of the call and she tells him to ignore them. Nothing has changed, people think Monty Bryce was killed.

The caller works with punishment for telling Annie the calls. On subsequent calls he checks the trash for Monty’s phone to see when he can find it there – he finds a burner.

The calls continue into the Valentine’s Day dance, where the caller announces that he is watching.

Clay is told to leave the dance and go to the locker room. Upon entering, he sees blood on the ground and a knife – probably the same painting of the door messages (Monty was framed) as it closes the clay, which melts.

He grabs the knife and goes to the football field, where he starts to see Monty again. Clay tries to save Monty, but realizes he’s sorry.

Who’s the bad collar?

Jessica’s favorite footballer Diego and team Clay saw on the field that there was a false blood shortage on the field.

The whole team has phones and they have revealed that they used programs to listen to clay from Monty’s phone.

Diego laughs and is surprised at how Clay reacts and begins to think about what he is hiding.

While Diego looked nice, he now warned Clay, “We’re with you.”

The fun was probably the team returning to Clay to fight at the start of the season.

When the team made shirts to pay homage to Monty, it inflamed Clay, who made noise to them and fought in the cafeteria.

Diego had a fierce plan, but he had no idea how close he was to the truth.

Now he’s wondering what’s going on.

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