Who is Omar Bhatti? Paris Jackson calls him the ‘oldest brother’

Paris Jackson recently called Omar Bhatti her “biggest brother”, but are they really related?

Paris is remarkably clear about all aspects of her life in her new Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered. Omar, who has long been the subject of speculation about his relationship with the Jackson family, appeared on the July 21 episode, where he said he has always felt like a part of the family.

“I consider myself an older brother because when Prince was born, my mother was hired to be Prince’s nanny and Paris, I’ve been there since she was a child,” he said. “I’d say she was probably partially raised. Yeah, she’s my little sister in every way.”

He added, “I can’t say when (Jackson) first met the kids.” Because that’s why ‘when did you first meet your siblings?’ I’ve been there since the day they were born. “

“It was a lot of fun for me because I always wanted younger siblings, and I got it through Prince, Paris and (the blanket),” he said.

“My older brothers are both like my best friend, I love them a lot,” Paris added. “Any time we see each other … we feel recharged when we spend time together.”

Paris explained that she rarely argued with Omar but sometimes fought with the Prince because of their close age. “We never really had problems, never fought, never argued,” Paris said of her relationship with Omar. “Even though Prince, who is 14 months older than me, of course we get into fights and fights, it’s normal for siblings so close in age.”

Omar first met Michael in 1995 or 1996 when he was just 9 years old while working in the television industry. The pop king became a “mentor and father figure” to him, and in return Omar quickly became the singer and head of his family’s life, possibly even traveling with the pop icon.

Because of Omar’s intriguing dance talents over the decades and his striking features (which bear a resemblance to Michael), many have speculated that the Norwegian rapper and actor, now 36, could be Michael’s secret biological son.

In 2009, Joe, the father of Jackson’s family, even insisted that one of Michael’s secret love sons was born because of a one-night stand. However, a source claimed that Omar had told him that Michael was not his father.


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