Which Star Wars character are you? Take our personality quiz

Do you imagine yourself as a bit of a Jedi, or do you know in your heart that you are just a vague feather of ugly looks, the big question lingers who would you be if you were caught near a galaxy in the distance? What role would you play in the Death Star through the stars of the Millennium Falcon Crew or your own warship?

In other words, which Star Wars character do you like the most?

Now, no need to consult your horoscope, no need to go out to a few clothing stores to see if a floor length dress or an armored plastic suit is best suited for your color or rely on the omnipotent force of the force to determine your destiny. You don’t need to consult the ancient stubborn texts left in the random tree as a reason to find the truth.

Instead, you can do nothing better than verify our personality quiz, to personally fool the corkscrew stubborn temple archive, take your Star Wars identity 100% correctly, you can find Star Wars movies and characters right for decades . Will fit.

Should you rearrange your words like Yoda? Is Princess Leah your soul mate? Or do you secretly have a little Wookkie? Check it out now and find your Star Wars destination …

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Still want more, your Revas Star Wars fan, you? What was said about the return of an important New Hope scene to show Luke Skywalker, removed from Mark Hamill’s dramatic cut, is now back in all its glory in Disney’s magic.

We just hope, if the quiz ends up calling you Luke, you don’t get too frustrated at the inevitability of his youth. And don’t start by talking about what he got at Toshi station.

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