Which character in “Twilight” do you base your musical tastes on?

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When Twilight Author Stephanie Mayer It turned out that he would eventually publish the long-awaited novel The sun of the north, TVhards everywhere retired to announce their crew or Jacob team Edward. As we clear the dust of nostalgia we think of some of our favorite vampires and vampires.

When watching hits from a movie soundtrack, for example, ParamorAnd “decode” and Linkin ParkLearn how music tastes to your liking Twilight Character.

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The sun of the north This is the rule of descent Twilight Story, transfer Edward CullenThe possibility is over White duckQ: Several chapters of the book were heard online in 2007. In response to the response, Maya publicly posted 12 sections for fans and stated in a blog post that the midnight sun is likely to remain incomplete.

However, in a 2015 interview, the author revealed that he started working on “Dawn” again. There were rumors last month that Maya would announce The sun of the north After he posted the count on his website.

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The site was finished at the end of the countdown, but Maya appeared Good morning America News release. Now readers can learn about Cullen’s past and his experience as a vampire. Read the official details here.

Big news! New book from Edward’s point of view from Twilight: https://t.co/YCiVCv3v1p

– Hatchit Book Group (@Hatchteus) May 4, 2020

After announcing the statement, Maya will finally share North Sun with the world.

“I hope this ad doesn’t show up on time,” he wrote on his website. “I was thinking of postponing the emancipation until the world returned to normal. But 1) Who knows when? And 2) You guys are waiting long enough. Actually a lot longer, really.

“I don’t know how everyone is doing, but now the books are my main consolation and escape from happiness. Personally, I would only be thrilled if one of my favorite authors announced something to read for me. “” No pressure, Lenny Taylor.) So I hope this ad will give you something fun and fun.

“Working on the book for more than thirteen years is an amazing experience. I am not the same person then my kids have already grown up. My back turned amazing. The world is a different place. I can only imagine everything changed for you. But North Sun completely brought me back to those early days of twilight when I first met many of you and we had fun, didn’t we? Dinner and hanging out in hotel rooms and on the beach (we’ve got the most epic sunburn of our lives we’ve got fun t-shirts and fairy tales we’ve still got friendly spirits in our lives Makes.

The sun of the north Issued on August 4th and early warning is possible here.

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