Where was the strike film made? Complete list of locations for Lethal White

Private Detective Cormoran Strike returns for another season, adapted from the fourth book in the Strike series by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling’s pen name)

Strike: Lethal White follows former Army Detective Strike (played by Tom Burke) and his work partner Robin Elacot (Holida Grener) each balances their personal lives with another worrying – and dangerous – investigation, cross-examining them. – As Robin goes, the country goes into hiding in different places.

Here’s what you need to know about Strike’s shooting locations.

Where was Westminster portrayed?

Strike Robin Undercover: Deadly White. BBC

Strike: Lethal White, Robin Westminster, is in hiding in several places, including MPs in London, where she poses in the role of the grandmother of Culture Minister Jasper Chiswell (with new hair styles and color communication).

It turns out, however, that the scenes set in Westminster were actually filmed in multiple different locations – and all looked like Westminster.

Director Sue Tully said during a press question that locations, including the Great Hall of Guildhall, were used for Westminster sequences.

Strike includes Cormoran Strike and Robin Elacot: Lethal White. BBC

“You can’t shoot there (Westminster) and also because at the moment the place is undergoing renovations, it’s also a real problem when shooting outside, because it will be its date immediately. Big Ben .Ka. So I’m very careful with shooting its outward shooting angles. Had to do, but in fact the interiors have all been extended to four separate locations, ”he said.

“So from the moment they walk, from being outside and seeing the houses of Parliament, going through security, crossing the great hall, going down a corridor, going to an office, they’re all different locations. It was a fun challenge, all together. To do. “

Where were Matthew and Robin’s honeymoon filmed?

Strike: Matthew and Robin are arguing after their wedding ceremony at Lethal White. BBC pictures

Strike: At Lethal White, Robin finally agrees to go on a picture-perfect honeymoon with her spineless new husband Matthew – but not before their glittering rows at their wedding reception.

The honeymoon itself, though picture-perfect, is not without its problems – but fortunately, the work of filming the honeymoon sequence in Mauritius stopped without a hitch.

Halida Granger, who plays Robin, said AndadioTimes.com And it felt “surreal” to be photographed on a sandy beach during the other questionnaires – and in the process, despite her wig being risky, she couldn’t resist diving into the sea.

“It was really amazing … a very small group of us got on a plane and left for Mauritius. It was beautiful. Very quick pre-Christmas break. I got (to enjoy myself), which means I went into the ocean of my wig (which I probably shouldn’t have).

“You’re just staring at this ocean, inside of me. You have to jump in. Someone will give me a (hair) chatter. It’s a little surreal.”

Director Sue Tilly added: “We were very lucky. The whole way with the shoot, like I say 50 locations, we were so blessed with most of the weather in it, I have to say, we didn’t really have any problems … I don’t know if you remember Halida, but a storm was coming (in Mauritius).

“We got there, we got the perfect sunset for the sunset view, but the next day we had to do the scenes on the beach, and there was a storm and we got everything we needed, which was literally called a wrap, sat down, sighed in relief, and it rained.” It started. Yes, we are incredibly lucky! “

Where was Lethal White portrayed in London?

Strike: Lethal White: Cormoran Strike (R) and Jimmy Knight at a protest in London. BBC

“We’ve done something like 50 locations in 60 days, so it’s quite a challenge for the crew … we’re going all over the place, and you know the shots. Outside of London, in London and beyond,” said Ruth Kenley-Lets, executive producer at Lethal White Press. Yes obviously it puts a bit of pressure on the production, but it was all right, everything went very smoothly.

Asked if the production had any problems shooting in a public place, director Sue Tully said: “No, no, people are very respectful, it’s a different world now, there are cameras everywhere, people are used to it. I don’t remember – even in the middle of Soho Square. Or shooting somewhere on Denmark Street, a place for people to stay. “

Strike: Lethal White will air on BBC One on Sunday 30th August 2020 from 9pm. See what’s going on with our TV guide.

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