Where to test Milwaukee carnivirus


The positive results of Covid-19 are trending again in Wisconsin. If you are experiencing symptoms of the virus or are worried that you may be exposed to it, you have a choice.

Here you can test for an active COVID-19 infection in the Milwaukee area. Some testing sites require a car, signs, or both, while others do not. If you have a primary care provider, you may be able to get tested through their office.

The state health services department maintains a modern map of the test sites, including information about their time and appointments. Impact 2-1-1 maintains a list here. We have found the integration test information below.

Wisconsin National Guard sites:

The Wisconsin National Guard is conducting free drive-throw and walk-up tests for anyone 5 years of age or older. No signs or appointments required. The test sites are located on the south side UMOS, 2701 S Chase Ave. And to the north Barack Obama School – Custer Stadium site, 4300W. Fairmount Av.

Testing is available Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. And Friday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Milwaukee Community Health Center:

Several Milwaukee community health centers are testing without income, insurance or immigration restrictions. Appointments are usually needed, and if you are experiencing symptoms you can call the centers directly at 2-1-1 or below.

To the north:

Milwaukee Health Center Inc., 2555 N King Drive or 00200 W. Silver Spring Drive. Drive-through tests are available by appointing people without a primary care provider. Call 414-372-8080.

Community Health Centers, 210 W. Capitol Drive. By appointment; Call 414-727-6320. Drive-through and walk-up exams are available Monday-Thursday morning. At -5.00-p.m. And until 3 a.m. Friday

Progressive Community Health Center, 3522 West Lisbon Ave. Through recruitment; Call 414-882-2040.

To the south:

Gerald L. Agnes Indian Health Center. 930 W. Hist requires the appointment of the historic Michelle St.; 414-383-9526. Monday and Wednesday 1-3: 30:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 1-5: 30 p.m. And Friday 9-10: 30 am. You must have symptoms or be sure of positive exposure. The test is free for everyone and requires a photo ID. Those who have insurance also need to bring an insurance card – suppliers are not billed, but the card is used for state monitoring purposes.

Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, 2906 S. 20th St. or 1032 S. Caesar e. Chavez Drive. Call 414-672-1353.

CVS and Walgreens Pharmacy

In the Milwaukee area, which includes CVS, the test is being conducted at six separate locations for people over 18 Cudahy And Franklin. Appointments are required and are checked by driving.

You can make an appointment here; The CVS website notes that the test is limited and recommended it can only be provided with their symptoms. You must provide ID and proof of residence at your appointment.

The test is free out of pocket, although the CVS website notes that people should check with their healthcare provider first.

The Walgreens are 1820 years old and their Milwaukee 620W. Oklahoma Av. Giving test in this position. Testing is from 9am to 5pm and an appointment is required and a pre-screening form like CVS exam is available here.

Walgreens uses pharmacist-guided self-administered tests, which are free for those who meet the CDC criteria as determined by the screening form. Insurance is not required, says a Walgreens employee.

Other Milwaukee sites:

Salem Healing is hosting free at 3300 N King Drive, with no appointments required every Wednesday at the end of July. The test time is from 4 to 6 p.m. and it is accessible both with and without the car.

Other Milwaukee testing sites include Aurora Sinai Medical Center and Advocate Aurora Health. More information on these sites is available here.


Niklett High School. 6701 N Jean Niclet Road. Exams are given from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through July 10; By drive and by appointment.

Health Connections Inc., 4655 n. Port Washington Road. 10 am.m.-12 p.m. Tuesday. By drive and by appointment; Call 414-999-1099.

In West Alice:

Aurora Medical Center West Alice, 8901 W. Lincoln Ave. Testing takes place from 7am to 7am and is by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled at 877-819-5034 or by phone.

In Menomoni Falls:

Freudert North Hills Health Center, W129 N7055 Northfield Drive. Morning. 5:00 p.m. By weekend appointment only; Call 414-805-2000.


Freudert Sergeant Health Center, 840 n. 87th St. 8 a.m.-4: 30 p.m. Only by appointment on weekdays; Call 414-805-2000.

Oak Creek:

Freudert Drexel Town Square Health Center, 7901 S. 6th St. 7. Morning -5.5.5. By weekend appointment only; Call 414-805-2000.

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