Where are the 13 reasons illustrated? The location of the movie and where it is set

Clay and his friends return to Liberty High School in the same position after catching the show at the same venue the previous season in 13 Seasons

If you’ve only watched last season on Netflix, you’re probably wondering where the show was filmed, and where it was set. While the book is more precise about where it is completely arranged, the series is a bit more accurate. Below are our guides on the top locations.

Where are the 13 reasons why set up and base?

The book is set in the fictional city of Crestmont with 13 reasons written by Jay Asher, who acted as the inspiration for the Brain Yorkie series. In the series, the name of the city was never specifically mentioned because the show was not meant to be set at a specific time or place to make teen topics more seamless and concise.

Where are the 13 reasons illustrated?

Although you see on 13 screens that the places match the actual live places, there are 13 reasons why the city is not mentioned. You can even see filming locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, with many original scenes happening in and around California. When the winter formalities of the first season were filmed on the sound stage, the rest were shot on location. The second and third seasons use many of the same locations as the debut season.

Here are 13 reasons for the film’s position.



Monit is the cafeteria where all the students hang out. It first appeared in the first season, when Hannah met Alex and Jessica there after school, she and Clay pop into the cafeteria and now in the third season Justin works there.

If you really want to go to Manito, you are all pictured at the location at 415 Virginia Street in the Old City Lights Building, in Vallejo, California.

Freedom College

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Most of the 13 reasons why it takes place in high school. In the first season, where Hannah was bullied, there was a lot of conversation as the plot unfolded. A real school was used for filming – the Analytical College in Sevastopol, California. The school was not available for a few episodes, so the crew had to make a replica of the hallway and classroom in a warehouse.

Cresmont Film Theater

In the third season we see Jessica Cresmont working on a movie, Tyler stopped there when she planned to spend time with him, but we also saw the same theater in the first season. Clay and Hannah both worked there, and it was there that they first met. The location of the movie is not a movie theater, it is an empty store. The building is located at 333 Georgia Street, Vallejo, California.

Baker’s drug store


Hannah’s parents own a drug store in the first season, where we get to see most of Hannah’s chats with her parents. It also returns in the second season. The store is located at 435 Georgia Street on the same street as the theater.

Clay House

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The house underwent some changes in the third season, but exterior shots of Clay’s home were filmed at 231 Bayview Street in San Rafael. We see less of the house as Clay moves into a house with Justin in the third season.

Google Maps caught the crew and Dylan Minette.


Hannah is buried in the local cemetery on the show, which is Fernwood Cemetery in Mill Valley. Clay visits his grave early in the season and hangs out next to the tomb after Hannah’s mother and Clay.

Liberty High Gym – Winter Formal

Clay and Hannah at Winter Formal Netflix’s

The classic moment of the first season, when Cray and Hannah dance in the gymnasium of the Freedom Institute. The original set was a former gym and bowling alley used in the 40s and 50s. It had to be cleaned and rebuilt to become the school gym we see on the show and get another makeup when it hosts the dance. The center is on the island of Murray Island but it was also used as a shipyard. You can still visit Mare Island for sightseeing or have a museum.


One Hannah and Justin go to the playground during the season. There she took a photo of her skirt, which was later used to tie her up. These scenes were filmed at Bret Hart Park in San Rafael.

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