/When to leave a book

When to leave a book

The book community has used a simple overview to describe the abandonment of the title: DNF, or “not finished”. For some readers, these three lowercase letters carry a whole lot of luggage. Instead of abandoning the satisfaction of finishing a reading altogether, the most persevering of us (read: stubborn) will give the slogan of a 60,000 page novel where nothing bitter and annoying happens

Reader, I’m here to finish the book you need to hate. DNF-ing is not a personal failure. Bail to a book comes down to a general truth: leisure time is limited. Embracing the DNF lifestyle means you recognize the value of that time and choose not to waste it.

That said, the choice to leave the book you took the time to track is not necessarily an easy one. You might be surprised to learn that some pro-DNF readers in the neighborhood had serious thoughts about which books did not deserve their uninterrupted attention. Whether it’s the rules of the third part, the Nancy Pearl method, or just a heartfelt feeling, everyone has their own unique DNF decision-making system. We’ve tapped members of our Popsagar Book Club group to see how some of the most intriguing readers in the neighborhood decide to make it to the next headline. Read on and free yourself from any book-dropping crime while you’re at it.