When the ports are switched on, the real virtual seems to be before the game

When Nintendo launched Wii U it was a difficult time to take any real step in the market. There are a number of reasons behind this, but one of the problems that Nintendo Wii U has had is that there was not much presence under third parties on the console. This has changed drastically with the Nintendo Switch as the platform continues to release some big headlines that aren’t directly from Nintendo’s first-party studios.

Select third-party games that finally show an introduction to the Nintendo Switch after the release of other console and PC platforms, helping some additional companies bring ports to market. One of the companies that prospered with the Nintendo Switch generation was Virtual, which brought a number of platforms to the port market. Outer Worlds, Dark Souls: Remastered, Bioshock Collection, and L.A. Noah is one of the few games that helped this studio bring a Nintendo Switch port.

Recently, the virtual team talked to Japanese publication Automaton Media about their work at the Nintendo Switch port. Lucas Coder noted that the Nintendo Switch platform, like many other platforms that enter the market, has a learning curve. Developers need time to understand the power of the platform and the various strategies to optimize the video game.

“Most companies in the Nintendo Switch game porting business are slowly improving their strategies. At first, projects usually involve simple and secure optimization. The reason is that developers are still in the process of researching the new platform and learning its strengths and weaknesses. Our engineers and artists continue to level up from all their experiences working on multiple projects. We’ve learned a lot of skills and a lot of knowledge under our belt now, so I can say that we’re a lot more level than the less experienced team. “

It seems that after a few years of working with the platform, the developers are finally gaining an understanding of how to do some significant port optimization. It looks like Virtuos is rather confident in his work which they will bring out especially for the platform. Of course, looking at their history shows a great reliable record for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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