When is the new season of survival? We still know everything

Winner A War Cast got to see the latest surviving cast fans. Peak Credit: CBS

The new season of survival is what fans want to see. The problem is that there have been continuous production delays

If all else fails, season 41 and 42 of the hit reality show show have already been filmed in Fiji.

One reason the show continues to use Fiji is that when they use a fixed position, the production team can film the season backwards.

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Filming those fashion seasons puts the cost behind and ensures that the two seasons are almost always ready to air on CBS. This means that by the time Season 39 aired on TV, Season 40 had already finished filming.

40 was the winner of the season battle, where fans saw Tony Vlachos become the first মিল 2 million winner. She is also the second person in the show’s history to win it twice (Sandra Diaz-Twin also holds the title).

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But the Survivor 40 winners were released in May, which seems to be a memory for fans who just want a Survivor 41 cast to survive and finally want to get on stage.

When is the new season of survival?

Let’s get the bad news. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Even this has problems with filming, and the potential for a new season of surviving premieres tends to go backwards.

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There were even recent rumors of Fiji leaving for a new location, so they could return to filming the new episode. The idea seems subtle on the surface, but filming the show requires permission from a new country to fly / boat among the people on the production team.

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Once filming begins, it will take more than two months for an episode to even reach CBS. A typical season now lasts for 39 days, but it requires preparation and editing after filming.

If things get clear around the world in January and / or February, the chances of surviving 41 summers may be over by the end of the broadcast period. CBS probably wouldn’t want to do that, though, so we’ll be looking to 2021 to air new episodes of the show then.

Survival host Jeff Probst said he would update fans as he learns more about the new season, but his recent silence on the subject reflects how difficult things have become.

As it stands, we don’t see any more surviving seasons in early September 2021.

We’ll be sure to update everyone as we learn more about Living 41, but we can all wait a while.

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Survival news is empty

In the world of survival, fans may be interested to learn that Johnny Fairplay was arrested for stealing from his grandmother. Yes, while on the show she pretended to die the same grandmother that she could get sympathetic support from other castways.

Survivors are currently paused at CBS.

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