When is the Apple event September 2020? UK time and what to expect

It’s not September without Apple releases – and today (September 15) is finally the big day to finally see their latest creations in all their glory.

While it may be quite virtual this year, technology giants in Silicon Valley are pushing for the annual look of the latest gadgets and gizmos they’re cooking, with all of their trademark devices set to receive the 2020 update.

The big picture, of course, was the long-tailed iPhone 12, which comes with a new design, 5G connectivity and a leader sensor. However, a recent Apple event leaked that this year’s iPhone will miss its traditional September unveiling – meaning we may have to wait until October to get a glimpse of the latest iteration of the iconic smartphone.

Needless to say, there won’t be a lot of interesting new technology to geek out, as Apple now has a whole family of interconnected devices to upgrade and upgrade. The name of the event ‘Time Flies’ tactically suggests that the focus will be on an updated presentation for the Apple Watch, as well as the release of the new iPad, Airtags and possibly a mysterious ‘One More Thing’. This, of course, is the perfect time to get the latest Apple technology on offer – just in time for Black Friday 2020.

The same strap between Apple Aficanados, technology lovers and iPhone users – it will become a big one.

How long is Apple Event 2020?

Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ September event will be held today (15 September) UK time at 6pm (1pm ET / 10am PT)

See you in 7 days! #Applevent pic.twitter.com/zDXneII5di

– Greg Josviak (@GregJoz) September 8, 2020

See how Apple Event 2020

The presentation will be shown live on both Apple’s website and Apple’s YouTube channel. Apple TV users will be able to watch the event through the TV app.

Read what to expect.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch

After marketing Apple’s September 2020 event as ‘Time Flies’, it looks like a new Apple Watch could well replace the iPhone 12 as the focal point of their published presentation.

Almost certainly known as the Apple Watch Series 6 – Apple likes their numbers – Apple’s latest wearable technology is rumored to include a focus on health-related features, including better ECG capability to detect blood oxygen levels and improve heart rate. There will be faster processors, slip tracking capabilities and of course all new color and case combinations.

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Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 3 Apples

Yes, that’s right – following the popularity of the iPhone SE earlier this year, Apple seems to be creating more affordable options for all of their devices.

Similar to the iPhone SE, the new Apple Watch uses the same design as the older model – the so-called Series 4 – but with a slightly more modern interior and a few new features not available in the Series 4 Details Apple Watch SE will offer Out there – which will at least benefit the battery life.

Like most Apple watches, SEO is expected to come in two sizes as well as GPS and cellular versions.

IPad Air 4

Apple iPad Pro Silver, Apple

Apple now has a few iPad lines, but it’s a popular mid-range Air series that seems to be getting an upgrade.

Little is known about the iPad Air 4 and rumors are also illegal, but perhaps the new features include an 11-inch screen, a faster processor and four stereo speakers on the back. There is also speculation that the iPad Air 4 could scratch the home button and move to FaceID like the recent iPhone, and even follow the lead of the iPad Pro and replace the lightning charger on USB-C.

Hopefully the overall new iPad Air will lend some of the features of the iPad Pro with a new design reminiscent of high-end tablets with slim bezels to put more emphasis on the screen.

IPad 8

IPad (2018) Argos

The standard iPad has always received less love than its Air and Pro cousins, but with the release of the iPhone SE and the potential Apple Watch SE, Apple seems to be doubling down on budget-friendly devices with stronger performance.

Unlike the iPad Air 4, the eighth-generation iPad isn’t expected to focus much on the ins and outs of any design upgrade – the A12 processor will add a huge speed compared to the iPad 8’s predecessors, and increase the base to more than 4 GB in storage applications and media. Will provide space.

The only design change is rumored to be a slimmer bezel – which will increase the screen size from the iPad 7’s 9.7-inch screen to 10.8 inches.

Apple Airtags

Apple, some brand new hardware tracker accessories from Apple AirTags that work much like existing tiles. The idea is that you clip the tag as a valuable – clip – a wallet or bag – and then the tag can be tracked in an iOS app This is similar to the ‘Search my iPhone’ feature.

This is Apple, although airtags are rumored to do much more than track nearby items. There are rumors of an AR mode, airtags on the wrong camera allowing your camera to appear as a balloon, as well as a ‘lost mode’ that goes beyond the limits of the item to extend the iPhones.

Airtags have been rumored since 2000, and accidentally confirmed in a support video by Apple in April 2020, the release could not be too far away – there is no better time than the launch with the iPhone 12.

While other brands like Tiles have chosen to use Bluetooth for their tracking capabilities, Apple has decided to take the U1 Ultra wideband sensor. In short, it will make it a more powerful and effective tracking device and ensure that it moves forward against its competitors.

IPhone 12


Ah, the never-ending cycle of next-gen iPhone rumors. Apple has unveiled the next-of-nothing-about-the-iPhone 12 line-up, but it hasn’t stopped leaking, hearing and speculating.

Rumor has it that Apple will launch four iPhones for the first time, two premium models will sport a LIDAR sensor that maps the physical environment for better image and camera effects. However, all four models are thought to have new features such as a super-speed new A14 processor, 5G capability and a new square-off design. There are news of new colors for iPhone 12 as well as amazing price leaks.

But Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri announced in July that the iPhone 12 would be released a few weeks later than usual. It has put the smartphone on track for release in October 2020 – and that means it’s rumored that for the first time its traditional themed September event could be well missed.

However, even without its flagship device, Apple has rolled up its sleeves enough to reveal …

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What could be Apple’s ‘One More Thing’?

All Apple veterans know that there is ‘one more thing’ for the grand finale of the best events.

Popular by Steve Jobs as in 1999, Apple has a history of seemingly ending their presentation, with only one surprise – and often bigger – to reappear with new announcements. Recent examples include the first Apple Watch in 2014 and Apple Music in 2015.

Since only Apple occasionally uses Steve Jobs to pass ‘One More Thing’ and the disruption caused by the Covid-19 may not be a surprising extra announcement this year. However, here are just a few:

Apple Airtags

While a new Apple Watch and iPad Air are all guaranteed for the event, Apple Airtags are much more like an external bet, so they can be saved as a result of large releases – especially the ‘One More Thing’ is usually reserved for brand new hardware as opposed to next generation updates.

Apple glasses

Apple’s long-standing answer to Google Glass, Apple Glasses is thought to be AR smart glasses that can display information on lenses. A few leaks have suggested that they could launch with the iPhone 12 and they will announce a great ‘One More Thing’ – although the technology is still considered a few years off.

Apple Air Power

Air Power was announced as a wireless charger for your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time a few years ago, just to mute the device before launch. Apple doesn’t seem to be working technically, but they’re working on a less ambitious version – and there are rumors that the iPhone 12 won’t include a charger, now would be a good time to announce a new AirPower.

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