What’s the toughest under 5 minutes of deck made season? Bravo’s executive weight

There are a lot of cringe-worthy moments under Deck Season 5, but one stands out more than the rest. Peak Credit: Bravo

The deck below the Mediterranean has been very challenging for 5 moments. It is difficult to determine which is the most difficult.

Bravo executive Josh Brown, the current product’s vice president, recently discussed one of the things he’s stuck with. He is also right on the money with his choice.

Fans must agree that while the season has some of the craziest moments in franchise history, the rest may stand out more than that.

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Tighten them up to see the moments

Viewers screamed on television screens in almost every episode of the current season.

Lara started with Flumiani and her inappropriate behavior with Hannah Ferrier. There are at least five moments alone from these two women.

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Then there’s Party Pete Hunzikar with his sweet remarks and inappropriate ways about women. A conversation made Bugsy Drake feel so uncomfortable that he told Malia White how he felt. Captain Sandy Yaon threatened him and Malia chased him away.

He then confronted Chef HindiGro “Kiko” Lauren about the Vegas-themed dinner and Captain Sandy’s meal. They had a strange exchange that Chef Kiko told the captain that he would leave when the certificate was over.

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It was intense and the audience felt very bad for the loving chef. It was also a tearful moment to say goodbye to Kiko chief stew Hannah Ferrier.

All of these moments compare to watching Captain Sandy not only fire Hannah but follow her behind him. The first 15 minutes of this episode were dramatic and so challenging for viewers to watch.

Fans stuck around to watch the entire episode, which was the show’s all-time highest rating.

Bravo executive Josh Brown’s weight

Josh recently revealed to the Daily Dish that the most challenging moment of the season for him to watch was his dismissal from Hannah.

As it turns out, the executive worked with Hannah for several years and the way she left was difficult for her. Yes, fans don’t just think of shooting Captain Sandy Hannah.

“When Hannah is called to Sandy’s office, and Sandy tells her to sit down, and she looks up and sees the picture on Sandy’s phone and you see a look of concern in Hannah’s eyes and she tries to gather herself. It affects me every time I watch the episode, ”Josh shared with the website.

There are still a few major episodes left under Deck Mediterranean Season 5, so Hannah’s shooting could be pushed as the toughest moment.

Do you think Hannah’s shot is the hardest moment this season?

The deck is broadcast Monday at 9 / 8c in Bravo below the Mediterranean.

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