What’s new in iOS 14 Beta 2? New calendar icons, file widgets, and more

Two weeks after WWDC, Apple today released iOS 14 Beta 2 for developers. The update repeats and modifies many of the new features introduced in iOS 14, and here’s something new we’ve found so far.

IOS 14 Beta 2 features the build number of 18A5319i. Developers will be able to update from beta 1 via the Settings app. Simply open the Settings app, select General, then choose Software Update. If you don’t see iOS 14 Beta 2 right away, check out why the update isn’t launching yet.

Apple has said that iOS 14 will be available sometime in July for public beta testers, but so far, the version has not been released. We’ll be sure to update you whenever this changes.

If you see any changes to iOS 14 Beta 2, or another new beta from Apple today, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @ 9to5Mac. Read everything we’ve got so far as we score goals.

What’s new in iOS 14 Beta 2?

  • If you’re playing audio on your device, the iOS 14 settings app won’t allow you to install an update: “This update cannot be installed while playing audio.”
  • New icon for the calendar application:
  • The small reminder widget now shows a task without just counting:
  • The Files app now has the “In quick access files you recently opened” widget option.
  • There’s a new setting for the Music app that allows you to manually disable animated cover art or restrict it to Wi-Fi only
  • The hands of the icon are thicker for the clock application
  • The music app has new haptics when you press play, pause or quick forward buttons
  • Clipboard notifications now specify which other iCloud device you’ve drawn from:
  • New icon in the phone section of the settings application

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