What’s new in iOS 14.2 Beta 1? Revised media controls, ‘People Identification,’ more

Apple today released iOS 14.2 beta for developers with Shazam integration in the Control Center, but we’ve got a few more new features and changes that are now included in the update. IOS 14.2 also brings modified media controls with content offerings and a new people identification option.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the notable changes to iOS 14.2 Beta is the addition of a new Shazam toggle built into the Control Center. With just one tap, users can easily locate songs anywhere without having to install the Shazam app.

To add the new Shazam Music Recognition toggle to the Control Center, first make sure you are running the developer beta of iOS 14.2 which is being released today. Then, open the Settings app, select “Control Center”, then look for Shazam under the heading “More Controls”. You can then add shazam toggles and rearrange it as appropriate.

However, Shazam is just one part of the toggle story, as Apple has also redesigned the media controls in the control center with iOS 14.2. It’s easy to see and control all your AirPlay-enabled speakers and TVs at a glance.

Media controls in the Control Center now feature content suggestions when something isn’t playing. If you are listening to a podcast, once the episode is over you will see more suggestions in the Control Center and will be able to reproduce them from there.

Another interesting feature included with iOS 14.2 is a new “People Identification” option in the Magnifier application that is available as an accessibility tool that uses the device’s camera to assist people with vision problems.

Once this new option is enabled, the Magnifier app uses augmented reality to show the distance between you and the other person.

Apple has not said when iOS 14.2 will be available to the public, but we assume that it will take some time considering that iOS 14.1 has not been announced yet.

If you see any other changes to the iOS 14.2 beta today or another new beta from Apple, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @ 9to5Mac.

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