What we know so far about Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple’s Rumor Series 3 replacement

After last year’s introduction of the always-on display with the Apple Watch Series 5, the initial indicators are that the Apple Watch Series 6 will continue to expand the wearable health capabilities. Read more about what we’ve learned so far, including the details of the series 3’s rumor lower-end replacement for the 2020 Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch Series 6 seems to be similar to the Apple Watch Series 5 Reports indicate that there has been no major change to the industrial design of the Apple Watch Series 6 and that it will follow the same general form factor as the Series 4 and Series 5.

That being said, it is not out of the question that Apple will offer new finish, color and casing options for the Apple Watch series for. With the release of Series 5 last year, Apple introduced a brand new titanium alternative.

Is there a store for this year? We don’t know yet, but the possibilities include new colors, completely new materials and much more for existing casing materials. And of course, Apple will probably have new band options and colors.

One change familiar with WatchOS 7 is the underestimation of Force Touch capabilities. The Force Touch Apple Watch allows users to firmly press on the device’s displays for access to additional content and controls, such as changing the clock face or clearing all notifications. Apple explained:

In versions of WatchOS prior to WatchOS 7, people can press hard on the display to change the clock face or to act as a hidden menu called the Force Touch menu. WatchOS 7 and later, system applications make previously hidden menu items accessible on the corresponding screen or settings screen. If you previously supported the long-press gesture to open a hidden menu, consider moving menu items elsewhere.

Force Touch is technically a hardware feature that is found in every Apple Watch model from day one, but with the help of WatchOS 7, Apple Watch supports hardware, but Apple is completely removing it. This is one way to force Apple developers to make the necessary changes and ensure uniformity before releasing the Apple Watch Series 6.

So with that in mind, it seems inevitable that the Apple Watch Series 6 will basically drop the hardware needed for Force Touch. The removal of the Force Touch hardware capability could also mean that Apple could make the Apple Watch Series 6 even thinner or pack a larger battery or other sensors inside.

Apple Watch Series 6 Health Features

A tent feature in this year’s Apple Watch update is expected as blood oxygen level detection. The code found in 9to5Mac in iOS 14 indicates that Apple Watch will add it this year.

How will this work? Blood oxygen levels between 95% and 100% are considered healthy; Blood oxygen levels below 70% can lead to compromised heart and brain function. The risk of shortness of breath or cardiac arrest after continued low blood oxygen saturation is common. This feature will work similarly to existing WatchOS heart rate notification features. If the Apple Watch detects blood oxygen levels below a certain threshold, it will create a notification for the user.

Based on blood oxygen level detection, Apple is also developing advanced electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities for the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple will remove this limitation with future updates, either in software or hardware, including an upgraded version of the ECG application.

At the moment, it’s not yet clear whether these new health features will be limited to the Apple Watch Series 6 or whether the WatchOS 7 could bring them to the Apple Watch Series 4/5. History suggests that Apple would like to use these features to upgrade to Series 6, but we must wait to find out.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking has been at the top of my Apple Watch wish list for many years, and with the release of this year’s WatchOS 7, the feature has finally taken effect. The new Slip app lets you set your schedule, view sleep analysis and adjust settings for things like wind down and your sleep goals.

The slip tracking data itself is rather basic, but the tie-in with features like wind down and slip mode provides a chic experience. Interestingly, Apple Watch sleep tracking is not limited to the new Apple Watch Series 6, although more advanced sleep tracking features may come exclusively to this year’s Apple Watch.

In fact, Bloomberg reports that sleep tracking will be associated with newer hardware rather than newer software. While WatchOS 7 brings slip-tracking support for all Apple Watch users, it could also be that the Apple Watch Series 6 features new hardware capabilities.

More WatchOS 7 features


Currently we expect Apple’s Watch Series 6 to be announced in September along with the 2020 lineup of Apple’s iPhone. That being said, product launches are common due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, especially since we already know that the iPhone will launch “a few weeks later” than usual

It remains to be seen whether the Apple Watch Series 6 will be affected by these delays.

Should you buy or wait for the Apple Watch Series 5?

One of the most common questions, whenever a new Apple product is launched, is whether you should buy the current generation model or wait for the new one. At this point, we’re probably about two months away from releasing the Apple Watch Series 6.

This means that for most people, it would be wise to wait for the Apple Watch Series 6 to be announced later this year. Even if you don’t stop buying the newest model, the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 6 means that older models like the Apple Watch Series 5 will probably get a price drop.

If you decide to buy an Apple Watch Series 5 instead of waiting for the Apple Watch Series 6, you should avoid paying the full price. You can keep an eye on the latest Apple Watch deals on 9to5Toys, or check out the Amazon rates below:

Apple Watch Series 3 follows

In a bizarre turn of events, Bloomberg reported that Apple is also preparing a new low-end Apple Watch to replace the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple still sells the Apple Watch Series 3 for 199 199, and it’s a popular choice among buyers who simply want fitness tracking capabilities.

The Apple Watch Series 3, however, is beginning to show its age in terms of both design and processing power. The Bloomberg report doesn’t go into much detail about what Apple will expect from the new version of the Watch Series 3, except that it will “compete with low-cost fitness devices like the Fitbit.”

It’s possible that the new lower-end Apple Watch retains the same design as the Apple Watch Series 3, but adds a more recent processor inside and includes features such as fall detection.

Wrap the Apple Watch Series 6

For now, the only thing we know so far about the Apple Watch series is that, as always, we’ll probably learn more about the device for its expected release in September. We’ll soon be learning more about Apple’s reported follow-up on the Apple Watch Series 3.

What’s on your Apple Watch Series 6 wish list? Are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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