What to expect from Bloomberg WWDC, new Apple TV and HomePod coming ‘later this year’

A new Bloomberg report that officially kicked off ahead of WWDC 2020 on Monday gave a broader look at what to expect today. The report explains that while hardware such as the new Apple TV and HomePod will be saved later this year, WWDC will initially focus on new software.

The report reiterates that Apple will announce the transition from Intel chips to ARM chips for the Mac lineup. In addition to these chip transitions, Bloomberg says this year’s MacOS update will improve “porting iOS updates to computers.” This means a continuous process of bringing more features and applications from iOS and iPad to Mac. For example, 9to5Mac reports that Apple plans to bring an iPad version of the Messages app for Mac this year.

According to today’s report, hardware upgrades for Apple TV and HomePod will be saved later this year:

Apple plans small upgrades for the Apple TV set-top box software to work with newer versions of hardware later this year, while the Apple Watch will anticipate a new baby face, a mode for kids and most notably ably, a new slip tracking app. And it is working on a new small homepod later this year.

Homepod will also soon add support for third-party music services like Spotify, according to today’s report. This follows similar claims from earlier this year. Apple has added more weight to opening iOS in third-party applications, such as changing the default email application and web browser, the report added. It is unclear whether WWDC 2020 will be announced.

For iOS, the report reiterated that Apple has “rebuilt its software testing process” this year to help improve stability and reduce bugs. It follows the bogie release of iOS 13 last year.

The Bloomberg report concludes that the software update has “set the stage” for a variety of new hardware products this year:

Software updates will launch a few more new hardware devices this year, including updates related to the new Apple Watch, four newly designed iPhones, the new Homepod and Apple TV box, as well as updates related to the iMac and MacBook Pro. The company has an accessory plan for its first pair of over-the-ear headphones as well as a search for physical items, which will be integrated with the new software.

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