What Olivia Calpo learned in quarantine

Cowvid-1. Looking back on life in Quarantine during the epidemic, Olivia Culpo is grateful for the special moments she was able to share with loved ones.

The 28-year-old model recently told Page Six, “This separation taught me a valuable lesson about slowly enjoying the people around you.” “I started doing some valuable exercises like journaling every morning and trying to mediate more.”

Kulpo, who 4. Proud of the millions of Instagram followers, she often shared snippets of her individual life, including birthday celebrations and her boyfriend Carolina Panthers running after Christian McCaffrey, 24. In a unique way, introduce more masks effort.

“I know these times were so hard on so many people and I often think about it. We have to stick together and lift each other up because some days are just harder than others,” he said.

Now settling into his Los Angeles home, Kulpo has teamed up with Crest Whitening Emulsion again on the go.

“I am insane. “It’s a white tooth that you can leave, so unlike a white strip, you just swipe it and it

When it comes to sheet masks, a “well-tinted moisturizer” and an eyelash curler are among the main choices of Kulpo, the water key.

Getty Images for the Crest

“First and foremost, I always say – water. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, ”he said.

In addition to sharing beauty secrets with fans on social media recently, Sports Illustrated swimsuit also posted recipe ideas from time to time for the kicker off.

“I like to cook for friends and watch the game,” Kulpo said.

Although the Game Day experience will be different this season due to the epidemic, especially the absence of fans in the stadiums, the underlying gatherings may be on the table for Calpo, perhaps with a sweet surprise.

“Entertainment is one of my favorite activities, and although it’s probably for a small group of families during this time – it’s still fun to try new recipes.” “Maybe a crazy football-themed cake in my future!”


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