/What is the best iPhone you can buy in 2020?

What is the best iPhone you can buy in 2020?

There are so many iPhones on the market right now, it can be confusing to know what it is and the difference between them.

Apple launched the iPhone 11 line last September with the standard iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company has launched a second generation standalone iPhone SEO, their predecessor iPhone XR is still available.

Prices vary widely from handset, but differences are not found at all levels, so you can pay for an upgrade to a feature you don’t need. Each model will have two to three different prices depending on the storage capacity you choose.

We’ve outlined the latest five devices below and highlighted the differences between them to help you decide.

The call we are making to the iPhone 12 is expected to be released by the end of 2020, but it is unclear at this time whether the global pandemic will be delayed.

What are the latest iPhone phones?

  • IPhone XR
  • IPhone SE (second genre)
  • IPhone 11
  • IPhone 11 Pro
  • IPhone 11 Pro Max

These are currently the latest iPhones to choose from.

What is the best iPhone for me?

Not sure which one to choose? Below are the key features of each device.

IPhone XR

RRP: £ 629 / £ 679 | Storage: 64/128 GB Screen size: 6.1 inches Screen: Liquid Retina HD display Battery: 16 hours

The latest release date of the Apple iPhone is derived from the tenth incarnation of the iPhone XR smartphone. The device itself has a larger, 6.1-inch screen (compared to the 4.7-inch like the iPhone 6).

The videos are recorded in 4K and the camera features a high quality portrait mode with a choice of six effects. The camera can recognize you with the Face ID used to unlock your phone, not with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner of previous models.

The “Liquid Retina HD” screen has been improved even from the new iPhone SE and this model is even bigger model with pixel resolution.

The iPhone XR is resistant to splash, water and dust, which means it can withstand up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.

IPhone SE (second generation)

RRP: 9419/9 469 / £ 569 | Storage space: 64/128 / 256GB | Screen size: 4.7 inches | Display: Retina HD display | Battery: 13 hours

IPhone SE has been launched as a new, affordable alternative, still able to provide some of the most popular features. For example, the 4.7-inch screen is a size compatible with the previous iPhone 6, which can be easily operated with one hand.

One of SE’s main selling points is that the internal “A13 Bionic” chip is similar to the latest iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max (there are some before the iPhone XR, the “A12 Bionic” chip) which means the new device works faster and smoother. Should.

The camera, like the XR, has a portrait mode, capable of capturing depth and obscuring the background around the subject. The video is also 4k quality. SEOs like the iPhone XR can tolerate being submerged in one meter of water for up to half an hour.

Although Touch ID is available in this model, there is no Face ID. At 13 hours of video playback, this model has the shortest battery life compared to this page – just like the previous iPhone 8.

All in all, a great all around for those who like to use iPhone devices, but don’t have to float on top of the model.

IPhone 11

Phone House

RRP: £ 729 / £ 779 / £ 879 | Storage space: 64/128 / 256GB | Screen size: 6.1 inches Display: Liquid Retina HD Battery: 17 hours

Apple describes the “Liquid Retina HD” screen as proud of the iPhone 11, which means screen images should appear in “original color”. The camera also has the ability to shoot 4k when you use the device to capture your own photos.

The camera on the iPhone 11 Pro, as mentioned below, is again a wide step, so it may be a better option for true photographers hoping for a Pro or Pro Max.

While other brands have long made mobile devices more water resistant, Apple is not always on top of the ball. The iPhone 11 should be able to soak in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of two meters and easily survive a drop or run in the rain. This is double the depth that both XR and SE can handle.

The maximum battery life of the previous iPhone X Max was 15 hours, but the 11 model should be able to play 17 hours of video on a single charge, which means it suffers here on XR and SE devices as well.

IPhone 11 Pro


RRP: £ 1,049 / £ 1,199 / £ 1,399 | Storage space: 64/256 / 512GB | Screen size: 5.8 inches Display: Liquid Retina HD Battery: 17 hours

The most obvious difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro is the triple rear camera. The third “telephoto lens” is suitable for shooting remote scenes (such as wildlife and sports), as well as for close-up professional-looking portrait photos.

The screen size is not 6.1, but slightly smaller than the standard 11 at 5.8 inches

The second most obvious drawback for most regular customers is storage capacity. While the iPhone 11 offers a maximum of 256GB, the Pro Max offers a wide 512GB memory capacity, as well as 64GB and 256GB mobile phones.

One step away from the iPhone 11, the Pro version features a “Super Retina XDR” screen. Simply put, according to Apple, it means it’s brighter in the sun with softer colors and more defined detail.

In terms of battery life, there is not much difference from the standard model. The Pro 17 might survive watching 18 hours of video instead, so the decision to spend extra for this material is probably not reliable for you. Still, there is still a big step in battery life compared to the new iPhone SE in the same way.

IPhone 11 Pro Max


RRP: £ 1,149 / £ 1,299 / 1,499 | Storage space: 64/256 / 512GB | Screen size: 6.5 inches Display: Liquid Retina HD Battery: 20 hours

Clearly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a much larger device than other models with a 6.5-inch screen. This makes it the largest of the iPhone compared to here. makes inches (iPhone SE) to .1.1 inches (iPhone 11).

The Pro Max retains the advantages of the steep iPhone 11 Pro, however, this model has again increased battery life, with the opportunity to watch 20 hours of video watching it is 15 hours of the iPhone X and even 17 is a great leap from the standards of the standard iPhone 11.

Like the iPhone 11 and Pro and SE models, the Pro Max has the fastest A13 bionic chip and can stay at the same depth as the Pro until it sinks to the bottom. Storage options are similarly wide.

If you are interested in iPhone 11, we have now collected the best available offers for iPhone 11.