Weekend push in ‘Wind Air Tears’ video with plastic surgery

Weekend is sure to receive “New Year, New You”.

The 30-year-old singer sports some annoying changes in her appearance – similar to extreme plastic surgery – in the video for her new song, “Save Your Tears”, which premiered on Tuesday and came from her “Hours After” album.

“But you saw me, you surprised me,” he sang aptly in the video, showing a thin (and crooked) nose, swollen cheeks, puffy lips, surgical signs, and other awful new features.

His exaggerated new look out of curiosity must have shaken the left audience.

“Save Your Tears Why does the weekend look like this in a music video!?!” Says a cowardly fan, “I don’t like it, on the other hand songs borrowed from his 2018 hit” My Face Can’t Feel ” “I’m betting she can’t really feel his face now,” he said.

One fan speculated that it had been overshadowed by the “shadow” and now defunct 2021 Grammy Awards, a move that left him not physically – perhaps emotionally traumatized – and he continued about it.

You are the modern version of Michael Jackson

– BASSAM (@ 37_BASSAM) January 5, 2021

Other tweeters suggested working on a new line: Batman playing the villain the Joker. Some, meanwhile, have compared – and called him the “modern version” of the late, untrained singer Michael Jackson.

Posts published for The Weekend should not immediately acquire its responsive new look through synthetics or CGI for requests.

Of course, donating heavy makeup is nothing new for The Weekend, who will perform at the 2021 Super Bowl on February 7th.

The music video for his solo “Blinding Lights” features his post-bender bloody and scarred scene – a re-enactment of the August 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

And in November, she had her re-stained face covered in surgical dressing to receive an award on stage at the American Music Awards.

The weekend has been bandaged for the 2020 American Music Awards (left) and her new music video “Save Your Tears”. AP / YouTube


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