WB Games Montreal shows why they like to make games in the coming days

WB Games took Montreal to Twitter to thank the fans and celebrate their upcoming action.

The developers had been pushing for some time that we would learn more about Batman’s upcoming title and as the temptations began to hit the internet, players wanted to know more. However, it looks like the WB Games Montreal will be a longer mystery.

Today, they announced on Twitter that they appreciate the enthusiasm of fans for their upcoming project but they show who they are and why they like to play games in the first place. There are no details on when they decided to show it, but we should expect it to happen soon; After all, it’s still the E3 season.

Below is a post from programmer WB Games Montreal.

Thank you so much for encouraging our next project. At the moment, our channel will be shown through the studio. Who are we and why do we like to create games? So stay tuned!

– WB Games Montreal (: WBGamesMTL) on May 13, 2020

Relevant rumors were circulating that WB Games planned a big event at this year’s E3 event.

Titles like Harry Potter RPG, Rocksteady’s Secret Project and of course Batman’s upcoming title at the Montreal World Cup were reflected in the filming. However, due to the cancellation due to COVID-19, E3 2020 fans are now wondering what will happen.

I can see that WB Games has its own streaming event that will showcase incoming titles from publishers or their games may be scattered across Sony or Microsoft events. Either you or we will cover you here in GameRex. Learn more about the WB20 Play Store here.

WB Games needs some planning in the next few days / weeks in Montreal, so be sure to keep an eye on GameRance as we will cover the news very closely. Have you heard of Batman’s upcoming title? Check out the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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