/WatchOS 7: Here’s how sharing Apple Watch faces works

WatchOS 7: Here’s how sharing Apple Watch faces works

One of the features of WatchOS 7 that I am most interested in is the support for sharing watch faces with other Apple Watch users. It’s a small but useful new ability that makes it easy to share your personalized watch faces with other people through messages, social media and more.

Sharing clock faces

First and foremost, you can share Apple Watch faces on the iPhone from the Apple Watch Partner app. In the Apple Watch app, you can scroll through the collection of your watch faces and use the built-in share sheet to easily send messages to anyone via messages, mail and many other platforms.

You can long press on the clock faces directly from your Apple Watch and then share the new shared icon along the bottom. On the iPhone you can share faces with different platforms but sharing directly from the Apple Watch is limited to messages only as a beta 1.

When someone shares the face of the Apple Watch with you

When someone shares the face of an Apple Watch with you, the process is as simple as tapping the link and opening the Apple Watch companion app on the iPhone. With the Apple Watch itself, you can access shared faces via messages and add them without using your iPhone.

Things are a bit weak when you’re trying to add a watch face shared on Twitter or other platforms. Here, the watch face simply appears as an iCloud link where you can save it, then open it in the Apple Watch Associate app on the iPhone.

If there’s a problem with not having an Apple Watch face app shared with you by another user, the Apple Watch app on the iPhone will allow you to easily download it before adding the face. You can choose to continue without adding this complication.

Plus, once you add a shared watch face, you’re free to customize it just like any other watch face. Basically, you can use someone else’s watch face as a template and customize the complexity and colors to your liking.

Decorated watch faces from Apple and other sources

Apple also said that you will be able to find the faces of the decorated Apple Watch in the App Store. For example, as many app stores highlight apps and collections, it also highlights some of the best customized Apple Watch designs. Because WatchOS 7 is still in beta, there are no frustrated faces yet, but Apple provides a preview of how it will work.

Finally, you’ll be able to add Apple Watch faces from the web. For example, a company like Nike could provide a fitness-centric watch face design through its website, which allows users to easily attach the face of the Apple Watch to their Apple Watch.

Let’s finish

It is important to note that none of this is equivalent to a third-party face. Any watch face you add from another source will still be based on a pre-installed style from Apple. WatchOS 7 makes it easy for you to share your favorite watch faces with other people and share watch faces with you.

What do you think about the implementation of Apple Watch Face Sharing on Apple WatchOS 7? Let us know in the comments!

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