Watch the Making and Wills Whips soundtrack on the new Ori behind the video of the scene

Microsoft has released a new behind-the-scenes video of Ori and Will of the Whips making the soundtrack.

Check it out below:

The new trailer is behind the scenes of the game’s stunning soundtrack. Those who play the game may notice that the game has a very strong and moving soundtrack, which makes this video a great deal. Viewers will be able to go behind the scenes in the sets and see what it was like to create memorable music featured in the game.

Ori and Will of the Whips are out now and have received great review scores for their sensitive storytelling and fancy platforming. In related news, Microsoft recently released a critically acclaimed headline, Ori and Will of the Whips, a acclaimed trailer! The game is doing very well in terms of sales, with Microsoft recently announcing that the game has just sold 2 million copies. You can read more about this story right now.

Ori and Will of the Whips are now out on Xbox One and Microsoft platforms.

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Source: Microsoft YouTube

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