Watch ‘American Idol’ judge urges Church Janitor to quit her job and sing

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was a janitor at his father’s church during an American Idol audition during the Jeremiah season.

Church Generator Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Blue Dismisses ‘American Idol’ Judge

Growing up as a priest’s child was not easy for Jeremy who felt that he had no part and did not have any part. His father was a priest all his life. Three years before the American Idol audition, Jeremiah appeared to his family as a homosexual. It made his family a little more dynamic and he said that his parents would never fully support this part of his life.

She sang an original song “Almost Heaven” for her audition. The original song had a very emotional feeling and showed all her raw vocal talent. After the performance, Kat Perry said, “You’re a serious musician.” “These are some deadly chord.” Catio grew up being a priest’s child and developed a whole singing personality that challenges some of the traditional theatrical values ​​that grew up around him.

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Lionel Richie said, “My friend, you have to lose the broom.” Katie then asked Jeremy exactly how his work involved. He said he picked up trash all the time. The judges agreed that Jeremiah deserved a full-fledged music career and that American Idol would be the right place for it.

“When you opened your mouth and started singing, I went straight to Billy Joel,” Lionel continued. “And then you started singing and then you passed Billy Joel. The range is incredible, the voice incredible. The judges also praised him for his lyric skills. They voted for him through Hollywood.

He became a frontrunner during Hollywood Week

During Hollywood Week it became clear that Jeremiah was certainly one of the top winners in the competition. Her performance in Carol King’s “Beautiful” was well received.

He further clarified the relationship with his parents. Jeremiah knows that his parents love him but he will never fully accept the fact that he is gay in public. Nonetheless, they will always be instrumental in his musical life, especially with American Idol. During Hollywood Week, he announced that he had decided to leave his father’s church.

He was chosen to be in the top 20 and has grown through the weekly show with American votes. His family actually came to see him during the live show. When he reached the top six, he sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Somewhere”. Incidentally, Jeremiah was disqualified from the race.

If you find Jeremiah’s American Idol journey inspiring, check out the video below. Host Mriganka talks about a number of performances that shared their powerful stories in talent contest shows.

Where is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon now?

After appearing on American Idol, Jeremiah Toussaint graduated from university. He studied in this college for eight years. He released an album called Namsake in 2020 after launching a public fundraiser to raise money for the album. It debuted at number 20 on the iTunes Pop Chart and continued to climb.

Jeremiah and his family also took part in a documentary on YouTube that magnified his life as a priest’s child.

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