WA’s hotel quarantine guards will be given more powers

Acting Premier Roger Cook has announced that security guards at quarantine hotels in Western Australia will be given specific powers to release people with instructions to segregate and stop violations, Acting Premier Roger Cook has announced.

Following a review of the state’s hotel quarantine system, the Department of Health will also review the physical barriers created to prevent people from leaving the hotel before their two-week stay ends.

The review was announced on Sunday after Jenny D’Ubius, who was traveling abroad from a low-security hotel in Perth CBD on Saturday, returned unopposed.

Ms D’Ubios’s lawyer said her client suffered a mental health injury in the hotel segregation and was not properly supported.

Jenny D’Ubius came out of the Hotel Quarantine in Perth on Saturday. Photo: Facebook

Former Australian and mental health expert Professor Patrick McGurry, the Australian Medical Association and anti-state activists have all called for the hotel to be segregated for better care for people with mental health problems.

Providing quarantine in rural locations, where people have access to more places and need plenty of fresh air, is one of the options considered as an alternative to hotel rooms in the city.

While announcing the new powers for security guards, Mr Cook said they would help prevent possible future breaches.

“The new powers will give them better legal protection to prevent a person from violating the direction of segregation,” he said.

“This is an important next step.”

Mr Cook said there would be new ways to treat travelers who violated their travel requirements or indicated their intentions, as Mass D’Ubius did in a Facebook post.

“It simply came to our notice then [the Health Department] The police need to create a framework to jointly assess the risk rating of whether a person should be transferred to a high-risk hotel, ”he said.

“This high-risk hotel is guarded by police.”

The ‘joy’ rules do not explain any infection in the community: Cook

Mr Cook said the state government would work with hotels to ensure they not only maintain lockdown floors and elevators, but also secure safe exit and entry points.

Mr Cook said the WA’s “strong” hotel segregation system had been successful. Photo: ABC News

More than 30,000 people still pass through WA’s Hotel Quarantine with 25,327 international travelers.

“Literally these hundreds of people came up with the COVID virus,” Mr Cook said.

“The reason the disease is not transmitted to the community is because our hotel segregation system is tight.

“Some people believe that [the rules] Extremely stringent, but successful in preventing COVID-19 in Western Australia

“That’s why we didn’t have any community broadcasts in 2 days.”

There have been two national reviews for hotel segregation, both of which Mr Cook said were approved by the WAK.

Specific powers for security guards are granted under section 1 of the Emergency Management Act.

New quarantine violations revealed

Meanwhile, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said Monday night another man was charged with violating segregation.

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said it was alleged that the man left his hotel around am. Photo: ABC News

A 34-year-old man from New South Wales arrived at the WA on 23 December to awaken sympathy and was in self-sufficiency at an unoccupied hotel.

Police allege the man left his hotel around 3am.

“We have identified what we consider [further] Violation of his quarantine where another person was invited to his room for a few hours, ”Commissioner Dawson said.

“We have evidence that we have now put before the court.”

The man tested negative on COVID-19 and is due to face court.

Commissioner Dawson said if the man was granted bail, he would have to finish the rest of his cleaning work at a higher-risk hotel.

Opposition groups called for more action

She denied a COVID-19 test before leaving the Ms D’Ubios city hotel on Saturday.

Police found him more than nine hours after leaving the hotel, at a hospital 50 kilometers south of the park’s suburb of Rockingham.

Meanwhile, Mrs. D’Ubius caught a bus, went to a beach and met friends in the suburbs of Warnborough.

After being taken into police custody, he agreed to the volunteer CVID-19 test and returned the negative result.

Messrs. D’Ubios has been charged with failure to comply with any instructions and has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance next week.

Mr Cook said he was “outraged” at the risk to putting many people’s health at risk and said quarantine violations were “unacceptable”.

The state opposition, however, said it was not good enough and that Mr Cook needed to take charge.

It called on police officers to take up positions in self-defense isolation hotels to stop people leaving, and to conduct separate investigations into WA’s Covid-19 preparations.


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