Warmer and more humid before the chances of a storm return tonight

Although the temperature warmed up a bit yesterday, we were able to retain moisture for a pretty pleasant day.

We started to make the southward flow overnight, although it would take us a day like very summer for Thursday.

Expect heights around 90 degrees with some anxiety as well.

We will probably see the development of some clouds in the afternoon but arrangements should be made to stay dry for most of the day.

By dawn, the strong storms in our west should start moving towards our western counties.

As soon as they arrive they will be able to make strong winds and large hailstorms.

As they move eastward, they will lose some energy when they reach the Sykes City area at midnight.

We can start our Friday with a somewhat delayed shower and a few thunderstorms.

We should make it clear that with a small chance very early in the morning we will rebuild some of the storms in our eastern counties in the afternoon.

Despite the cloud cover to start the day we should be at the top on Friday in the middle of Friday.

Most weekends look dry with little chance of lightning on Sunday.

Weekend altitude will hover around 90 degrees.

Our pattern is looking rather volatile for the next week, with at least one chance of some thunderstorms per week.

Temperatures will stay warm every day with the 90s, the cloud cover from the given storm doesn’t keep us a little cooler.

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