Walters end up feeling the emptiness of a late assembly on the Jets’ emotional weekend

Winnipeg – There’s nothing like an unexpected shot at the Solar Plex to end an emotional weekend

After the Winnipeg Jets rolled out the busiest part of the NHL season, when the organization ended a blockbuster deal involving a guy who was seen as a franchise cornerstone, this rollercoaster included a provocative rally to lead late in the third round of the evening but ended with a Bjrn Bj ড্রাইr ড্রাই Leo.

Just like that, the Gels were able to miss out on the strong losses as the Wailers snatched the defeat from the winning arm. Oilers 4, Jets 3.

Even earning a single point and getting the overtime game could be plateball, a fifth-game win in seven consecutive days against the Toronto Maple Leafs in these seven days after winning three matches in a row against the Ottawa Senators was no reason to end up in nothing.

“There’s no excuse,” said Jets forward Nicolas Ehlers, who did in the third period and had four goals in the last four games. “We were behind and we fought our way and didn’t end up getting two points. The way we played today, we deserved at least one claim. It was successful but we got a game in two days and we want to get these two points so We will move forward now. “

Considering that the Jets didn’t play lead for a minute until the fourth game of the season, it stands to reason that door slamming has worked in progress.

Lead loss is something that is going to happen towards the end of the season. It doesn’t take away the sting.

The importance of getting the games out doesn’t diminish either – especially against teams that are rapidly advancing in the rearview mirror.

A Topsy-Tarvi took the lead in less than five minutes to play the Jets in the third period, with Ehlers and Blake Wheeler scoring 2-1.

The ability to hold public meetings in difficult situations is what Jets head coach Paul Morris is going to focus on.

Showing lead late will not erase resilience, although it’s a reminder of how hard it is to win – especially when two talented players in the NHL raise their respective levels with the game on the line.

“The real positive for the game is our third (period). I was really impressed to come out and find it in the tank, “said Morris.” So, I’m sure it’s a ruthless way to end the game, but I’ll leave out how tough they were in third place. I’m really, really satisfied with those looking for gear. It was about the third character and it’s a tough lesson, the way it ended, but I’m really proud of them. “

If a win from behind (like the Jets season opener or against the Senators last Tuesday, when the 3-1 deficit turned into an overtime win) is something that teams use as a springboard for future success, is there anything? Concerns about protracted depression when a team faces heartbreaking losses?

“You always work on the hockey part of it. It’s always the easiest part of the NHL to deal with, “Morris said.” We’ll look at this next game with a real focus, not happy with the way it ended and the feeling that we could have better control of our destiny in our time.

“We’ve done a pretty good job, but there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.”

This light at the end of the tunnel for the Jets will stop the spread of these six games in nine days.

But Edmonton Oilers head coach Dave Tippett opted for the nuclear option, corner McDavid shrugged and told him to get out of the ice with Leon Drysitol and Kyler Yamamoto. Fans have seen the movie before and thanks to the strong offensive zone-shifting space, McDavid was able to thread the index to Yamamoto for the tied goal.

Then, after the jailers had paid a small fine to Dylan Dimelo, they found a quiet spot in the Drycettle slot and threw a pass from McDavid to win the game.

Game set. Match.

“Yeah, they’re good players, and if they get the chance they’re going to lose,” said Adam Lori, who was frustrated with what happened to the player. “So, I think I just got there and got caught and emptied the slot since I was worried about Newgent-Hopkins, and it goes to the guy in the middle and he buries it. It’s unfortunate. “

While the Jets did a great job of neutralizing McDavid and Drystall for the better part of the game, the late offensive blast must have gone out of the jets and propelled the Pierre-Lub dubis to the blockbuster, giving them another bi-religious weapon to take down in the middle of the matchup game.

One of the most important decisions of this competition came at the end of the first episode of the Tippett Coach Challenge.

The Jets thought they were 2-0 up with a goal from Andrew Kopp. After Mikko Koskinen stopped a shot from Ehler, the puck came loose and the cap got a piece of it – but he also grabbed the Welsh goalkeeper’s glove with his stick.

Although the puck seemed to be already behind Koskenen, the referees rejected the goal because of the communication that ensued.

“It’s a goal,” Morris said. “For me, I think the duck has cut its gloves. I’m sure there is communication. They felt it was close, so there was no reason. “

Jets center Lori did not think the group would survive after being deprived of the goal.

“Sometimes these, I just think you flip a coin and see how it unfolds,” said Laurie, who scored the third goal of the season. “I don’t see it completely, I think we have more contact with them … They must have seen something that stopped Koskinen’s ability to save, so they give this verdict and we’re right to re-group from there.” I don’t see that we let it affect us negatively, it’s unfortunate though (Coop) was a hack in the first place and really deserved it. “

Tippett wasn’t sure if it was Golkia’s intervention, but given how his team was playing, the challenge seemed risky.

“I was very disappointed with the way we were playing, I was going to do it (challenge) anyway,” Tippett said.

Instead of a pair of goals and scrambling, the Eulers settled for themselves and then strengthened in the second half, getting a rebound from Ryan Newgent-Hopkins in just 21 seconds.

Jesse Pulzuzarvi has done most of his publicity at the top line, along with McDavid and Newgent-Hopkins. In addition to his strong net drive and first aid on Newgent-Hopkins goals, Puluzarvi was around Pak, creating scoring chances and being physically engaged.

This is a template for Puljujarvi to stay in that place – or to get a more future look.

The lack of a secondary score for the Eulers early in the season was a major storyline, but Kyle Turis put a tie to that well-deserved narrative with a well-kept shot on the back of the Jets backup Laurent Brosvet.

By the time the buzzer was heard in the period, the Eulers had outscored the Jets 19-6, outsourced them 2-0, and left no chance of a score. The Eulers were fresh, and the Jets looked like a team playing for the fifth time in seven nights.

When you thought the Eulers were in complete control, the Jets went on to score a goal twice in the third to go ahead with a goal.

Instead of rolling, the Eulers found a way to assemble and they have now won two of the last three games in Tuesday’s rematch.

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