Vote Post Snag: Ohio says 318 poll votes delayed L

In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, what could be the problem across the country if more state election emails are called for election, Ohio election officials say 318 voters in a county will not count their ballots for the April 2 count because of U.S. postal services. Delivery late.

Although ballots were postponed from the April 27 deadline, they did not reach the Butler County Electoral Board until this week, the day after the May 8 deadline.

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRoss has written to the Post Office headquarters calling for an investigation and action to prevent this from happening.

“These voters were effectively rejected in Ohio’s primary election,” LaRoze wrote.

A spokesman for the U.S. Medical Service said management was investigating the situation and would not comment until the investigation was completed.

“The United States serves as a safe, effective, and efficient way for citizens and campaigns to participate in the mail voting process in the United States, and the postal service is committed to providing timely electoral mail,” the spokesman said.

Butler is the only county in southwest Ohio that has reported delays to date, Secretary of State Maggie Sheehan said.

An email was also sent to the Butler County Election Director on Tuesday, asking for feedback and asking if voters would be notified of their ballots too late.

LaRos is asking the Ohio Legislature to extend the deadline for requesting absentee elections before the November general election. He said the three-day window between election postal ballot requests and election day was “logically impossible”.

March 1 in Ohio was initially extended after a private vote that day was canceled due to public health amid the spread of the coronavirus. The huge number of votes was by mail.

Democrats in Congress have tried to add email voting to part of the coronavirus packages, but Republicans have met with their resistance, saying issues related to sending practice-appropriate pemail could throw another key to such a plan.

In California, which already has a liberal policy for so-called “election crops,” it allows volunteers to collect missing ballots from people they don’t know and take them to polling stations or polling stations. Republicans generally dislike practice.

However, Governor Gavin News issued an executive order this month to issue email ballots to this year’s general registered voters if they do not consider it safe for ordinary registered voters to attend polling stations. The move has also set fire to conservatives, including President Donald Trump.

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