VOCOlinc’s FlowerBoard Spoiler HomeKit and a Smart Light Design

In my home I always want a fresh smell of green. I am constantly lighting candles, fridges and spraying other types of air fresheners. With three little kids running around our house, there is usually a strange smell coming from somewhere that I am trying to cover. When I came across Vocalink FlowerBood, I knew I had to try it as a way to automate the process. I know some people believe that essential oils are just as good as medicines, and while I’m not going to argue about this, I’m more focused on providing a pleasing scent to the core area of ​​my home.

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Unboxing VoClink FlavorBud is no different than any other homekit product. This includes physical devices and power cords. One thing to keep in mind if you plan to buy this item is that it does not contain any oil. I bought the mine in early December, so I collected some Christmas evenings, but Vocalink Flowerboard is compatible with any essential oil, so if you just search on Amazon or look at your local retailers, you’ll find countless options for any time of the year.

Once you’ve plugged in PowerBook, you’ll want to proceed by scanning the homekit code using the home app. This obviously works with the VOCOlinc application for firmware updates, but I try to stick to the home application only when possible for easy access to family use. Like other VOCOlink products I own, it runs almost without hassle. As a side note, there are many times when HomeKit products struggle to be integrated into the home app, but there’s often no indication of why, and that’s why I prefer to see Apple’s address in future versions of iOS. Any kind of error log with suggestions for resolution would be a welcome addition

Once the product is added to the home application you will want to take the included water cup and fill the reservoir to the top. Then you will want to take any oil you plan to use and add a few drops. How many drops would be a personal choice but I want to do 5-6 so it adds a really nice smell to the room. Once the oil is added, it’s time to launch it using the home app.

The Vocalink Flowerbud has two separate homekit controls. The first is the real diffuser and the second is the mood light. Both features and be independently controlled also include power / egg options. I personally don’t use inclusive mood lighting, but it’s our choice. If you use it as a night light for a child’s room, I find it a useful addition, but where it is in our home, I just prefer not to draw it to myself. The power of the diffuser is effectively worked out because you can preset it before you turn it on and it remembers the last power you used even after you finished it.

Wrap in Vocalink Flowerbud

This product is not something you will find in every home but we have enjoyed using it. I have a homekit automation setup to turn it on almost every morning when we are ready for school and work. I prefilled the water (300ml capacity) the night before and added the oils already. When we turn it on, it is automatically set to run for 12 hours and then it shuts itself off. If you always want a way to keep your home scent fresh, you can consider adding Vioclink Flowerbud to your homekit lineup.

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