/Video: Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski talks about the US Capital riots

Video: Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski talks about the US Capital riots

DURHAM, NC (WNCN) – Duke head coach Mike Krajzevsky has spoken out about the riots at the U.S. Capital earlier in the week following Saturday’s win over Wake Forest.

Kojidevsky, who missed a game due to the COVID-19 protocol, said Wednesday’s events in the capital were a “terrible day” and called the incident a “rebellion.”

Krzyzewski and his wife were placed in quarantine last week after his family members tested positive for the Covid-19. They later tested negative for the disease and Krzyzewski returned to coaching against Wake Forest on Saturday.

When a reporter asked him what he thought of the incident, Kriezowski spoke for more than three minutes during a post-game post-news conference.

“It’s not about being a Republican or a Democrat, it’s about being a disgusting American. Work together, ”he said.

Krzyzewski also spoke briefly about the COVID-19 crisis.

Here is Kriezowski’s full comment:

“Worst day … I’m 3 years old … Outside of 9/11, shooting at the school where the kids were shot. However, I know everyone went to the bottom of the desk in the capital. I would like to ask how many times teachers have done this when there is gun violence in schools. Wednesday was a terrible day. It was rebellion. It went to the very fabric of this great country. The symbol of our democracy is the capital. We let that symbol spit and stretched our legs. It was a very sad day. My prayers have been extended to the families of the slain officers from the Capitol Police, as well as my prayers to the 16,000 families who lost loved ones last week (due to CVD). Are you kidding me There are 16,000. What are we doing? Where we come together we can’t act as a country to get these vaccines out and make sure we get together. If anyone has done something bad, Congress has a responsibility to move forward.

I’m not sure you saw Colin Powell being interviewed on TV, he’s a great American. As he said, the whole thing is going to go ahead and Congress should go ahead and say you can’t do it. Where are our values? Our nation is built on values. It was a sad, sorry day. Everyone involved should be prosecuted. Our leaders and politicians who have spoken out in support of this should be punished. It’s not about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s supposed to be disgusting American. Work together. People say that we are not who we are… now we have to change who we are. We need to go back to the basic principles that this country has established. Staying at home and seeing it … with my West Point background and staying in the Army and these. I’m used to being on a team. We need to be a team again in our country. ”

Krzyzewski then stopped his speech, saying, “I’m not running for anything.”