Victoria’s Cavid crisis escalates: 108 new cases

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has added two more postcodes to Melbourne’s lockdown list as the number of state-confirmed cases has reached a new one-day high.

Warning Victoria “on the edge of a knife”, Mr Andrews confirmed that 108 diseases had been caught in the last 24 hours – the second highest since the epidemic hit.

The high incidence of the disease in postcodes 3031 and 3051 in the inter-city districts of North Melbourne, Flemington and Kensington forced the government to expand the lockdown list.

Nine public housing towers will also be shut down immediately, with officials confirming that one such housing commission is home to 26 high-rise cases.

Daniel Andrews warned that he would never return to normal. Photo: AAP

Mr Andrews said he hoped a statewide lockdown could be avoided, but insisted it would depend on pulling everyone together, observing social distance rules and “correcting” them.

“It simply came to our notice then. We need people to take it seriously, ”he said.

“We need people to do the right thing. All that is needed is for one person to do the wrong thing, and it will probably get away from you. “

“All that is possible is that one person is doing the wrong thing and it may move away from you. No one is satisfied with being in this position.”

Waiting for the vaccine

Mr. Andrews soon expressed little hope of returning to normal at any time, with the immediate goal of suppressing the explosive spread of the virus.

When this is achieved, the previous “precautionary program” of relaxed restrictions may resume.

“It doesn’t matter how fast it comes. We’re not going to get back to normal right now because there’s no vaccine in the weeks ahead.”

“And until that vaccine is made and then run, we need to have a ‘seaweed normal’ for every Victorian, to embrace, not to trade as usual – not ordinary Victoria.”

“This – it will only see the end of the wave after the highest number of waves of unacceptable numbers and the prohibitions on and off for the foreseeable future.

“We don’t want to get it. So I thank all those who are making a huge contribution, a huge sacrifice. I am very grateful to you and very proud of you. “

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