Veronica Portillo recalled the frightening moment of the challenge

Challenge star Veronica Portillo appeared in the latest final reunion season. Peak Credit: MTV

Over the years, there have been some brutal incidents during the Challenge season, some of which forced the contestants out of the game due to serious injuries.

However, one of these everyday challenges seems to be the cause of any casualties on the show, as two contestants were suspended higher in the air.

The event was recently published this week on behalf of The Challenge, and three-time winner Veronica Portillo commented on other contestants involved in the horrific moment.

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The Inferno incident brought a scary incident

The Challenge: Inferno season involves height as contestants hang from the zip line in Rewind. Competitors were involved in one of the challenges. As well as the safety of the competitors and the safety of the helmets, there has been a lot of protection.

However, things took a frightening turn when two female contestants were present. Former Real World Rival Julie Stoffer: New Orleans Veronica Portillo began to walk loudly. This caused Veronica to start shouting, “What is she doing?” And the other contestants shouted from a distance and prayed to Julie to stop

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Luckily there were lots of failure attachments for protection, so no one was hurt or injured in the incident. But for the most shocking moment of MTV’s reality contest series it made it to the highlight reels later.

This is shown in the quick clip number 25 below and gave insight into what fellow members landed as “Julie tried to kill Veronica”.

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That season of challenge is not available on Netflix, but Inferno II. Early in the first episode, viewers see Julie arrive at the airport. He mentions the incident and is later shown a clip of Veronica talking about bad blood. Julie added that she was in a bad spot at first place Inferno last season.

Veronica comments about Julie in the challenge

On Twitter, Challenge Mania podcast host Scott Yager tweeted about the moment during the off-week on the MTV show.

“When M was on the side of Murder on MTV,” the tweet said, showing a picture of Julie near the horrible Veronica on the zip line.

Veronica highlights Julie’s character for almost what happened and retweets how she spent very little money trying to kill the opponent to get a chance to win the final prize money.

“Not even 10,000 10,000. In fact, much less. On this day the chance to win a share of $ 10,000 BC behind his ** was shared by many. She’s proving right now that she’s kind of killing her husband for the $ 25,000 life insurance policy, ”Challenge Veteran wrote in her tweet.

In addition to that particular incident, Julie clashed with other cast members, including Carol Smith and Katie Doyle, during the season.

Julie Staffer debuted at Real World: 2000 in New Orleans as the first Mormon cast member. She is now 41 and married to fellow Mormon, Spencer Rogers. The couple has three children together. She is not as active on social media as the other former stars of the show but she has an Instagram account.

For Veronica and many viewers to see that moment in the history of the challenge, it must have been scary, which looks like a near-death experience in the exhibition. However, there were plenty of security measures.

CHALLENGE: Fans and contestants of Double Agents were recently in question for protection for a daily challenge event that injured two stars in recent seasons. In particular, Rocky Lolo Jones talked about this and suggested that next time they should be done separately.

Until Veronica and Julie, they were back in the follow-up season known as Inferno II of the second challenge. Ironically, it features Julie on the Good Guys team and Veronica on the Bad Aces team.

Julie last appeared in The Gauntlet Second Season, where she made the finals. Veronica was the last in the final reconing. He was on the show’s 11th season and a three-time winner. Imagine that there are both women of the same cast to remind you of this event of the Challenge OG Spin Off.

The challenge aired on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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